Body Contouring: Why It’s At An All-Time High

Las Vegas cosmetic surgery specialist discusses weight loss procedures.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently released a study showing more people than ever before are seeking procedures to reduce the effects of massive weight loss. This is also true here in Las Vegas, where I have treated many patients seeking to reduce extra skin at my plastic surgery practice.

Body contouring procedures have reached their highest numbers in years. This includes tummy tucks, thigh lifts, breast lifts, and upper arm lifts.

After accomplishing their weight loss goals, patients are often left with excess skin that makes it hard to do everyday activities, including exercising, which is a vital component of weight-loss maintenance. The goal of any body contouring procedure is for clients to feel happy, healthy, and confident. It is rewarding for me to be involved in the final stages of my patients’ weight loss journies.

As one popular food writer says about her procedures in an article in RealSelf:

“…The truth was that this was more than a beauty fix. After all the arduous work of losing weight, I was still deeply unhappy with my body. The only way I’d be able to be fully comfortable was if I got the excess skin removed.” –Andie Mitchell

While some surgeons tend to use the same approach for every person, I take the time to evaluate each patient’s body and needs carefully. If you want to know more about body contouring and post-weight-loss procedures, call the office to schedule a consultation.

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