How Do I Choose A Breast Implant Size?

Breast augmentation implant options in Las Vegas.

When considering breast augmentation or preparing for your initial consultation, you’ll want to know how to pick the best implant size for your body and desired look. I’ve outlined the steps below so you can get a good idea of what to expect and what to start thinking about.

Step 1: Look at “before and after” pictures.

Check out “before and after” pictures on the website of the surgeon you’re considering. You’ll be able to see how experienced they are, whether they’ve done anything similar to what you’re looking for, and you’ll get a clear idea of the look that appeals to you.

Reading over your potential doctor’s RealSelf reviews is also a great resource when you’re just starting to think about breast augmentation.

Step 2: Schedule a consultation.

Your consultation is always complimentary and confidential. We’ll take the time to go over what you want and what you envision for your surgery, and you’ll have time to try on different implant sizers. I’ll also do a breast history review and physical exam to make sure you’re a candidate for breast augmentation.

Step 3: Try on implant sizers.

While bra cup size is a widely used method for categorizing breast size, it is imprecise and subjective. My goal is to place an implant that is proportionate with your body frame and within the size range you want.

You will try on breast implant sizers in a bra over your own breasts so you can gauge your desired breast size. You’ll also get to feel silicon and saline breast implants. It’s helpful to bring a fitted, solid-colored T-shirt and a solid-colored, non-padded sports bra to your initial office visit.

Step 4: Pick your desired implants.

After your initial consultation, you’ll schedule a follow up consultation where you can ask any more questions that have come up, try on the sizers again if you want to, and do another health screening. It can be reassuring to bring a friend or family member along during this appointment. I want you to feel great about the size you choose.

For more information about breast augmentation and breast implants, I invite you to explore the breast augmentation section of my website. You can also search through some of my blog posts and check back for more posts soon.

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