Top 5 Reasons Why Women Consider Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Breast augmentation surgeon shares top reason women have revision surgery.

While most breast surgery clients are happy with their results, I am frequently asked to correct procedures performed by other surgeons. Patients seek out implant revision to correct complications that can occur over time or to restore size, shape, and contour. Click to see client photos.

The most common reasons for revision surgery include:

1. Unsatisfactory results. Some patients may desire a larger or smaller implant, as well as the correction of unnatural appearance, size difference, and sagging.

2. An implant rupture. When a rupture occurs, it’s pretty obvious with a saline implant, as the implant will deflate rapidly. Silicone implants have evolved over the past few years after a cohesive gel substance that resembles the consistency of a “gummy bear” was developed. It retains its shape very well and can hold together even if a hole or tear occurs. An imaging test is often needed to identify a leak in this case.

3. Exchanging implants. Because breast implant technology has advanced so much, exchanging implants has become increasingly popular. Clients may wish to change their implant material (saline to silicone or vice versa), change their implant size, or want to enhance their breast shape.

4. A complication. Complications are possible with any type of surgery. This includes capsular contracture (the normal scar tissue around the implant thickens and hardens), bottoming out (implant drops too low), or symmastia (implants have been placed too close together).

5. Nipple and areola correction surgery. Patients who opt for this often want to improve overall shape and increase natural appearance of the nipple and breast.

If you have questions or concerns about the outcome of your breast surgery, call the office to set up a consultation so we can talk about your options.

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