What You Need to Know About Breast Implant Placement: Above and Below the Muscle

implant placementThere are two types of implant placement available to those seeking breast augmentation in Las Vegas. There is submuscular placement, or placement of the implant under the pectoral muscle, and submammary/subglandular placement, which is placement over the pectoral muscle, just under the breast tissue. It’s important to keep in mind that no single placement is right for every patient, and there are a number of factors to consider when choosing placement, including body type, desired results, and implant size/type.

Submuscular placement (under the pectoral muscle)

The majority of the time, I recommend breast implant placement underneath the muscle, or submuscular placement.  Because the implant is placed below the muscle, your body will take longer to heal from surgery. However, especially for those with an athletic build, the look and feel of the implants is usually more natural. There is also no interference with traditional breast screenings, including mammograms. The risk of capsular contracture, or hardening of scar tissue surrounding the implant, is also reduced with this placement (National Institute of Health).

Submammary placement (just under the breast tissue, above the pectoral muscle)

In some cases, submammary placement, where the implant is placed over the pectoral muscle, may be preferred, especially if the client has enough natural breast tissue to fully cover the implant. As no muscles are involved in this surgery, there is also a faster recovery time.

You can see examples of both submuscular and submammary placement in the photo gallery. During your consultation, we can discuss the best options for your body and desired outcome.

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