Which Implant is Right for You?

Here at my Las Vegas practice, I tell my patients that there is no one implant type that is right for everyone. You must do research before finding the best option for you. At my practice, I offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so I can assist you in making a decision before your procedure.

Silicone implants are filled with a cohesive gel that will hold together even if they’re punctured or torn. They generally look and feel more natural than saline, and are less likely to exhibit rippling. The FDA approved this current generation of silicone implants after more than a decade of safety reviews and clinical studies.

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“Gummy Bear” implants 
These implants are also a type of silicone, although it’s a bit thicker. Some have compared the consistency to gummy bear candy. It’s one of the best options available, as they’re specially designed to mimic the slope, curve, and feel of a natural breast.

There are different kinds of saline implants to consider, including a smooth or textured shell. I prefer the smooth shell because chances of visible wrinkling are reduced and they feel more natural. These implants are filled after they’re put into the breast pocket, ideal for endoscopic breast augmentation.

Endoscopic augmentation is done through an incision in a natural crease of the armpit, so there is no scarring on the breast. I use an endoscope (a tiny camera with a light attached) to see the exact boundaries of the breast implant pocket, so I can precisely position the implant.

We can go over which type of implant and incision is best for you during a complimentary, private consultation. Each patient’s needs and body-type will require a different approach.

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