Breastfeeding, weight changes, and the natural aging process can cause breasts to sag and lose their curves. While breast surgery is an effective solution, you might be looking for a minimally invasive way to rejuvenate your bustline. Dr. Arthur Cambeiro is a board-certified plastic surgeon and breast enhancement specialist who understands. He offers the innovative ThermiBreast treatment in Las Vegas to give breasts a subtle lift without surgery.

How Does ThermiBreast Work?

ThermiBreast is part of the growing Thermi® family of treatments that use radiofrequency (RF) energy to provide a variety of aesthetic improvements without surgery. When emitted into the breasts, RF energy gently and gradually tightens the skin and tissues, providing subtle lifting and reshaping. The breast skin, tissues, and ligaments naturally tighten through increased blood flow and collagen production.


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ThermiBreast Candidates

ThermiBreast is not for women with significant breast sagging because it does not remove skin or increase breast volume. You may be a candidate if you:

  • Have small to medium-size breasts
  • Are happy with your current breast size
  • Have mild to moderate sagging (ptosis) of the breasts and nipples
  • Want to raise and reshape your breasts
  • Wish to avoid surgical scars on your breasts

In some cases, Dr. Cambeiro may recommend breast surgery procedures such as a breast lift, breast augmentation, or a combination breast lift with implants to provide the desired shape and fullness.


This treatment is performed with the ThermiTight® applicator, which is a long thin probe. It takes approximately 1 hour to perform. The breasts are numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Dr. Cambeiro inserts the probe through tiny holes around the nipples, and RF energy is emitted to tighten the breast skin and tissues.


The nipple areas will feel tender initially. It is common to have temporary swelling, bruising, or numbness of the breasts for about a week as well. While recovery time is not required, ThermiBreast patients typically take a day or 2 off work.

ThermiBreast Results

While results vary, it takes about 3 to 6 months to achieve final results, as collagen develops and the skin tightens. With ThermiBreast, the nipples are typically raised 1 to 5 cm and remain that way for several years.

To learn more about breast enhancement with and without surgery, Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Cambeiro invites you to request a complimentary consultation or give our office a call at (702) 734-4100.


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