ThermiVa® Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVa in Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Cambeiro is a board-certified plastic surgeon performing ThermiVa in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you live outside of the Las Vegas area, please contact us to learn more about our fly-in program.

At SurgiSpa in Las Vegas, the number of women who are interested in nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation continues to grow. ThermiVa is an innovative treatment option that helps tighten the labia and vagina naturally, without pain, surgery, or downtime. No longer do you have to accept an uncomfortable or painful sex life, feel self-conscious about the appearance of your most intimate areas, or be bothered by urinary stress incontinence.

Good candidates for ThermiVa are women who are looking for one or more of the following improvements without surgery:

  • Enhance the appearance of the inner and outer labia
  • Tighten vaginal tissues and muscles
  • Alleviate vaginal dryness
  • Increase sensation during intercourse
  • Reduce urinary stress incontinence

For a more significant recontouring of the labia, we may recommend labiaplasty.

How ThermiVa is Performed

This vaginal rejuvenation treatment uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate blood flow and collagen production through a gentle, controlled heating process. The innovative application of Thermi® technology uses a specially designed handpiece shaped like a wand to emit RF energy into the vaginal area, to tighten tissues and restore sensitivity.

Always discuss all of your concerns and expectations with Dr. Cambeiro before your procedure date.

If you are considering ThermiVa, Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Cambeiro invites you to request a complimentary consultation or give our office a call at (702) 734-4100 for confidential and informative answers to all your questions. If you prefer, you can send us an email using our discreet online form.

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Why Dr. Cambeiro?

  • voted one of Las Vegas' top plastic surgeons 15 years in row
  • Impressive Credentials: Mayo Clinic trained and Double-Board Certified
  • An Honest, caring approach with a dedication to patient safety and satisfaction

Your SurgiSpa ThermiVa Experience

This simple office procedure takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and does not require anesthesia. The ThermiVa handpiece is applied to the labia, inside the vagina, or to both areas, depending on the reason for treatment. Pulses of RF energy are emitted, creating a warm or tingling sensation without discomfort.

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Unrivaled Mastery

ThermiVa Recovery & Results

ThermiVa is especially popular with the women who visit us because no downtime is needed. Patients can return to their normal daily activities, including sexual intercourse and working out, immediately after treatment.

For best results, we recommend 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. Although patients may experience results after their first treatment, most achieve optimal results 1 to 3 months after their third treatment. While improvements are usually long lasting, we recommend a maintenance treatment approximately every 12 months.

To visit us in Las Vegas and find out if ThermiVa is right for you, request a consultation or give our office a call at (702) 734-4100.

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