Las Vegas Surgeon May Help Prevent Breast Implant Complication With New Method

Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, a breast augmentation specialist in Las Vegas, uses ultrasound technology to possibly help prevent capsular contracture, a common complication.

Las Vegas, Nevada (October 2015) — Dr. Arthur Cambeiro ( is using an advanced ultrasound treatment to possibly help prevent breast augmentation patients at his Las Vegas practice from developing capsular contracture, the most common complication following breast enhancement surgery.

“Until recently, women needed surgery to treat moderate to severe capsular contracture, a condition that occurs in about 5% to 10% of patients,” Dr. Cambeiro says. “We began offering a non-invasive treatment option that uses ultrasound technology to possibly help prevent this condition and to help treat it at its earliest stages.”

Breast augmentation surgery involves surgeons creating small pockets where they place the implants. In the vast majority of cases, the tissue surrounding the implant remains soft and pliable. Capsular contracture occurs when the tissue hardens and begins squeezing the implant. It is typically a cosmetic concern that distorts the shape of the breast, but in the most severe cases, the condition can become painful.

In a 7-year study, moderate to severe capsular contracture was found to develop in as many as 15% of patients. It was also the most common cause for reoperation in the postoperative period.

When Dr. Cambeiro performs breast enhancement plastic surgery at his SurgiSpa™ clinic in Las Vegas, he says, he typically recommends preventive use of the technique for augmentation patients with a high risk of developing capsular contracture.

“These are mostly women who are undergoing a revision breast augmentation procedure because of capsular contracture,” Dr. Cambeiro says. “I may also recommend it for patients who are concerned about their risk of having this complication because a member of their family developed it after getting breast implants.”

A Las Vegas native, Dr. Cambeiro returned to his hometown to establish his practice after completing advanced plastic and reconstructive plastic surgery training at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He says innovation is a key part of his philosophy and believes advanced treatments such as the External Ultrasound offer patients a welcome alternative to revision breast implant surgery.

“I typically begin the ultrasound treatment as a preventive measure about 2 weeks after the breast augmentation surgery,” Dr. Cambeiro says. “When used to treat capsular contracture, I begin as soon as patients notice any hardening of the breasts or changes in appearance.”

Although the precise cause of capsular contracture isn’t known, recent research suggests that bacteria is a primary factor, creating a film around the implant. The ultrasound waves break down this filmy envelope and, combined with antibiotics, in some cases can effectively treat the condition.

“Whether used to prevent or treat capsular contracture, the after-surgery ultrasound technique offers patients a non-surgical alternative that can be effective for some women,” Dr. Cambeiro says. “I’m excited to provide my patients with this option.”

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