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  • Buttock and Thigh Lift

This middle-aged woman was concerned about the appearance of her pear-shaped body. Despite efforts to contour her middle section and lower body with diet and exercise, she was not satisfied with her shape. To find out more about body-contouring cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas, this patient scheduled a consultation with me at my plastic surgery offices. After I reviewed her medical history and examined her existing shape, we discussed her goals and options before deciding on a combination procedure that would incorporate liposuction as well as lift procedures for the buttocks and outer thighs.

I offer a few different approaches to liposuction in order to offer procedures and results that fit each patient's body more precisely. Both the tumescent and super-wet technique have advantages in terms of smoother results and faster recovery, and UAL (ultrasound-assisted liposuction) makes it easier for me to access difficult areas that would not respond as favorably to traditional techniques.

For patients who are combining their liposuction procedure with another enhancement, I will take the full scope of their surgery into account when planning which approach to use. Post-weight-loss patients, particularly, will often combine liposuction with either abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or body lift procedures to trim away sagging excess skin.

This patient experienced a normal recovery, although for an extensive procedure such as this one patients should expect to allow extra time for the body to heal. Her scars will continue to flatten and smooth over the following months, and if she loses any further weight she should see it disappear in a more even manner. Although she has yet to see the full results of her procedure, this patient already feels much more comfortable with her shape as a result of her liposuction.

Surgeon: Dr. Cambeiro

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