5 Ways to Help Your Injectable Fillers Last Longer

While you may love showing off the beautiful, natural-looking results of facial fillers, your body will eventually metabolize them, returning you to square one. Regular maintenance is a must to continue looking your best and feeling your most confident. However, when you have a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to find time to return to our clinic every few months for touch-up filler treatments.

Here are a few tips to help your facial or lip filler injections last longer, with fewer sessions each year.  

1. Avoid Strenuous Activities

One of the best ways to make dermal filler injections last longer is to avoid challenging exercise that stretches your skin. If you love pushing yourself with high-energy workouts, consider skipping your daily sweat session or taking things a bit easier for a few days after treatment.

2. Use Sun Protection

Excess sun radiation will damage your skin, leading to deep wrinkles. To protect your skin from UV rays, we recommend wearing sunscreen every time you go outside.

3. Avoid Rubbing Your Face

While it might be tempting to massage your face after filler injections, excess rubbing can cause the product to spread or break down. Also, rubbing your face after filler injections may break capillaries, resulting in redness or irritation. If any bacteria on your hands get into the tiny wounds left behind by the injections, you could also get an infection.

4. Stay Moisturized and Hydrated

If you aren’t already in the habit of applying moisturizer every morning and night, you’ll want to start after getting dermal fillers. The goal is to keep your skin from drying out, which can cause the fillers to break down. Drink plenty of water to provide adequate hydration, which is essential for your skin’s elasticity and fight against aging.

5. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

You should maintain a balanced diet, exercise routine, and sufficient sleep habits for optimal health and extending dermal filler benefits. Avoid smoking, which causes wrinkles and accelerates aging. In addition, consuming caffeine, alcohol, and processed food only in moderation will help prolong and maintain your skin’s overall health.

Get Ready to Look and Feel Your Best

Though SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery offer dermal filler injections to preserve facial beauty, maintaining your improved facial contours depends on lifestyle choices and your personal preferences.

To learn how to make your dermal filler injection results last, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cambeiro today. He will discuss the process with you, assess your cosmetic goals, and make his recommendations accordingly. Call (702) 734-4100 or schedule your consultation online.

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