All About Latisse

We’ve seen many beauty trends come and go, but long, luscious eyelashes are always in vogue.False eyelashes and mascara can help you temporarily create the illusion of thickness and length. But what is the best option for having long and thick lashes naturally? Latisse is a medical-grade solution you may have heard about from ads… Read More

Where on Your Body Can You Get Liposuction?

Liposuction has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures for many years. People often turn to liposuction after adopting a healthy lifestyle, then realizing diet and exercise are not sufficient to eliminate localized fat in certain areas. The Most Popular Liposuction Treatment Sites for Women Many of our female patients have trouble with… Read More

3 Advantages of Choosing Dysport to Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles

As time marches on, many of us look to improve our appearances and lifestyles. These changes include smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles we’ve earned over the years. More women and men are using minimally invasive treatments to tighten their skin for a youthful presence. Though multiple options are available, and it may be challenging… Read More

How Does ThermiBreast Work?

Are you looking to improve breast location and skin tightness without the risk of scarring or the inconvenience of surgical downtime? ThermiBreast is a non-surgical breast lift treatment designed to tighten and raise the breasts without traditional breast enhancement surgery. Mayo Clinic-trained Dr. Arthur Cambeiro offers ThermiBreast in Henderson, NV, to deliver natural-looking breast tightening… Read More

Refresh Your Spring Skincare Routine with These Tips!

Spring is here, and summer is approaching. This means you will start to shed layers and reveal more of your skin. When the warm weather arrives, off come to the sweaters and jackets, and on go the sundresses and bikinis to enjoy outdoor fun. As you adjust your wardrobe, you should think about transitioning your… Read More

Cosmetic Breast Surgery After 40

What is the right age for breast surgery? Is 40 too young or too old? The answer depends on your lifestyle and cosmetic goals. Women in their 40s want to preserve their appearance and restore their confidence. Having breast surgery is an excellent way to reshape a youthful figure after the effects of aging, pregnancy,… Read More

How to Enhance Your Breast Augmentation Results

Breast augmentation remains an enduringly popular aesthetic surgery for women. The reason is simple: A woman’s breasts are essential to her confidence and self-esteem. When your breasts look their best, so will your figure. Mayo Clinic-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro has extensive experience in helping women attain and maintain beautiful breasts. Here are his… Read More

5 Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Breast Augmentation

You’ve been thinking long and hard about breast enhancement. You’ve talked to friends who have had the procedure, and you’re doing research online. Along the way, you’ve gotten some helpful information, heard things that don’t apply to your situation, and read “facts” that seem like complete hogwash. There’s only one way to get the information… Read More

Does Revision Breast Surgery Require A Lift?

Since breast augmentation is consistently in demand with women, the need for breast revision surgery will not diminish. A breast revision uses one set of breast implants and replaces them with another or removes them with no replacement. The procedure is designed to enhance a girl’s breast appearance after an initial operation failed to deliver… Read More

Here’s How to Properly Do a Breast Self-Exam

Though breast cancer is rarely entirely preventable, you can take steps to ensure early detection of this condition. These include seeing your gynecologist regularly, having mammograms annually, and correctly doing a self-breast examination each month. To learn how to perform a breast exam on yourself correctly, read on. Once a Month According to Johns Hopkins… Read More

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