Kybella vs. Liposuction: Which Eliminates Your Double Chin Better?

Everyone knows the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. These traditional weight-loss practices work wonders for your overall health and quality of life. And they help keep excess fat to a minimum. But unfortunately, some areas attract stubborn fat pads that a healthy lifestyle seems to ignore. One place, in particular, is submental… Read More

Guide to Choosing the Best Facial Rejuvenation Procedures for You

If you’re considering facial rejuvenation, you have plenty of options. You might choose a surgical intervention like a facelift, browlift, eyelid surgery, or a nose job. There are non-surgical injectables like Botox and dermal fillers. You even have high-tech options like laser skin resurfacing, ultrasound therapy, and radiofrequency skin tightening. With so many options to… Read More

Botox vs. Dysport: What’s the Difference?

Botox and Dysport are at the top of the minimally invasive treatment game. These brief, in-office options are FDA-approved for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, with an extensive history of safe and effective cosmetic outcomes. They pair beautifully with other injectable treatments like dermal fillers and Kybella.  While these treatments have similar indications… Read More

Dos and Don’ts After Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation? Breast Augmentation is a process to re-firm the shape of the breast and make it bigger. Some women choose to have breast augmentation for cosmetic purposes. For other women, undergoing breast augmentation replaces the removal of cancerous breasts or repairs a deformity. Whatever the reason is for getting breast augmentation, it… Read More

What Does A Mommy Makeover Consist Of?

A mommy makeover is a popular combination of plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Arthur M. Cambeiro at SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery. Designed to restore feminine contours to a mother after pregnancy, these procedures specifically address common cosmetic concerns women face after childbearing and nursing. The mommy makeover has found its way into Hollywood and… Read More

How Often Should I Get a Botox Touch-Up?

Botox has been the go-to treatment for forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines for two decades. Its popularity has grown because of its effectiveness and convenience. After a 15-minute, zero-downtime procedure, these facial flaws diminish, leaving a smooth skin texture for youthful radiance. Though the results are extraordinary, they are not permanent. To maintain… Read More

Tips for Recovery After a Mommy Makeover

Various parts of your life will change forever once you become a mom, but your appearance and self-confidence don’t have to be among them. A mommy makeover in Las Vegas is an excellent way to restore your pre-pregnancy body to its youthful form. While a mommy makeover involves combining surgeries, you can get back to… Read More

Slimming Down This Summer With SmartLipo

Like liposuction, SmartLipo is a cosmetic surgery procedure that targets excess pockets of fat in various parts of your body. However, the procedure is more targeted, precise, less intrusive, and quicker to administer than traditional liposuction. The treatment has also received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Asking about SmartLipo availability in Las… Read More

Laser Hair Removal: All You’ve Ever Wanted To Know

No matter your age, unwanted hair on your body might be a constant discomfort for you. While epilators fail to do a perfect job, waxing remains a painful alternative, and where hair removal creams create a mess, shaving does not pose a better option, either. If this is true for you, look into the benefits… Read More

All About Latisse

We’ve seen many beauty trends come and go, but long, luscious eyelashes are always in vogue.False eyelashes and mascara can help you temporarily create the illusion of thickness and length. But what is the best option for having long and thick lashes naturally? Latisse is a medical-grade solution you may have heard about from ads… Read More

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