Why Young Adults Are Considering Body Contouring Procedures | Dr. Arthur M. Cambeiro

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States, among adults and children. Being significantly overweight as a teenager or young adult puts people at greater risk for health problems, which will only increase as they get older. Even after significantly improving their diet and becoming more active, some young adults still might need additional help… Read More

What Is the Best Abdominal Procedure for Your Goals?

That lean, sexy abdomen you had in your youth might be eluding you now that your family is complete and you’ve dropped the baby weight. However, despite a healthy diet and rigorous exercise program, do you still find yourself frustrated with that middle section that continues to show a belly pooch, loose skin, and an… Read More

SmartLipo Triplex – Advantages Over Traditional Liposuction

As a popular cosmetic surgery, most people are familiar with liposuction. It’s been at the forefront of body shaping treatments for decades, each year on top of the list of surgical procedures. But as with everything else, technology changes, and the same holds true for this time-tested treatment. Now there is an advanced version of… Read More

What Can Be Done to Correct a Double Chin?

Seeing that double chin in the mirror or during an online video call may be a sign of weight gain or obesity, but that is not always the case. While you can cover it up with scarves or turtlenecks in the cooler weather, when summer rolls around, you run out of options. The good news… Read More

Want to Go Bigger or Smaller? Maybe You Need a Breast Implant Exchange

Breast augmentation is one of the most highly sought after plastic surgery procedures performed each year. Having the ability to enhance the size, shape, firmness, and volume of a woman’s breasts can be most empowering. While most women are happy for the long run with their initial breast implants, some women experience changes to their… Read More

Should You Add Liposuction to Your Tummy Tuck?

Despite following a healthy diet and rigorous exercise routine, you may find that you still have a stubborn layer of fat around your middle. So, you decide to meet with Mayo Clinic-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro to discuss your body contouring goals. Body Contouring Goals On its own, a tummy tuck removes excess… Read More

What’s Included in a Mommy Makeover Procedure?

Every year, millions of American women become mothers. Whether they are a new mother or adding another child to a growing family, it is a beautiful time. Most new moms adore nearly everything about the time with their new child, but there are a few things that they may be struggling with.Many changes on the… Read More

How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Profile

As you dive deeper into the breast augmentation process, you’ll find that there are decisions that await. Your surgeon will help you consider many different dimensions of your surgery, including implant size, type, and placement, as well as surgical technique. Each decision will have a critical impact on achieving your desired results. One important variable… Read More

Are plastic surgery videos on YouTube accurate?

According to a new study in the February issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), most videos about plastic surgery on YouTube are defined as “low quality.” Factors that contribute to the low quality of the plastic surgery videos online include: Confusing terminology Inaccurate information Unreliable… Read More

Your breast augmentation timeline for swimsuit season

It may seem counter-intuitive to think about swimsuit season in January, but it’s also the perfect month to begin planning a breast augmentation if you’d like one before summer vacation season. Here’s a timeline to consider, including all the steps leading up to the surgery, and the post-operation recovery period. Pre-surgery You will begin the… Read More

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