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Dr. Cambeiro is a board-certified plastic surgeon performing Ultherapy in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you live outside of the Las Vegas area, please contact us to learn more about our fly-in program.

Ultherapy® treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical, using ultrasound energy to tighten and smooth the skin of the face and neck. This innovative FDA-cleared procedure is used to lift skin on the neck, chin and brow. Ultherapy works by delivering precise amounts of ultrasound energy to the deep structures under the skin, stimulating the tissue to contract and gradually build new collagen, an important protein that keeps skin looking firm and youthful. Meanwhile, the surface layers of the skin are unharmed, and results only improve over time.

For people who want to reverse some of the signs of facial aging but who are reluctant to get surgery, Ultherapy is an innovative alternative that requires no downtime. Procedures such as facelift surgery are also very effective at treating signs of aging such as wrinkles and drooping skin, but not every patient requires correction that extensive, and some would rather avoid the cost and other drawbacks of surgery. Conversely, injectable treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers are good for treating specific areas without surgery, but they do not offer the same lifting benefits of Ultherapy treatments.


Good candidates for Ultherapy are adults who want to improve sagging and laxity on the face or neck. It is appropriate for all skin types and colors, and it is especially favored by those who may not be ready for an invasive surgical procedure. It is also a good treatment for patients who are between surgical procedures and would like to maintain the results of a face or brow lift. Some patients even use Ultherapy at the earliest signs of aging to build up extra collagen stores and prevent further wrinkles or drooping.

Always discuss all of your concerns and expectations with Dr. Cambeiro before your procedure date.

If you are considering thigh lift, Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Cambeiro invites you to request a consultation or give our office a call at (702) 734-4100 for confidential and informative answers to all your questions. If you prefer, you can send us an email using our discreet online form.

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Why Dr. Cambeiro?

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Initial Ultherapy Consultation

When you come to our Las Vegas medical spa, one of our specialized aestheticians will give you a careful physical examination and ask questions about your medical history, with a particular emphasis on any past cosmetic procedures and your skincare habits.

The aesthetician will then ask you about your goals for tightening sagging facial skin or wrinkles and whether you are interested in a full face treatment or one specific area, such as the brow. The aesthetician may also make recommendations at this time for other treatments that could complement your Ultherapy results. Because Ultherapy primarily targets the deeper structures of the skin, it does not address surface concerns such as discoloration or uneven skin tone. Such conditions could be addressed by laser skin resurfacing or another superficial skin procedure that our team can set up as part of your treatment plan.

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At the start of your Ultherapy session, your skin is cleansed, and then an ultrasound gel is applied, much like during other kinds of ultrasound imaging. The aesthetician then holds a handpiece against your skin. An image of your skin’s structures appears on a screen, allowing the technician to see the precise areas where treatment should be delivered.

Then, using the same handpiece, ultrasound energy is transmitted into the skin at various depths, in the same structures that are treated by facelift surgery. Most patients find the treatment causes some mild discomfort, and we can provide various numbing or pain-management options. One treatment session, which usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes, is all that is needed for most patients to stimulate collagen production and turn back the clock for firmer, more youthful skin.

Recovery & Results

After your treatment, your skin may be red, but this usually fades within a few hours. Some swelling, tingling, and tenderness may also be present for a few days, but this is typically mild. Because Ultherapy requires no downtime, you may return to your normal activities immediately. We will give you specific instructions for how to take care of your skin in the days following your treatment. This will include details on sun protection and skin care products you can use to enhance your results.

Your results will not be visible instantly after your treatment; they typically develop over the course of a few months. In most cases, the ultimate lifting and toning effect takes place over 2 to 3 months as collagen grows within your skin, and further improvements may appear for up to 6 months. Many patients appreciate how these results arise gradually and discreetly, so it is never obvious that they have had a cosmetic procedure done. Results last about a year.


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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

If you would like more information about Ultherapy, Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Cambeiro invites you to request a consultation or give our office a call at 702-734-4100 for confidential and informative answers to all your questions. 

Final Result

  • The thighs will feel very tight for several days. In the first few days after surgery you will feel most comfortable lying flat. Over the next several days you will gradually be able to sit upright.
  • Occasional twinges of pain from time to time may occur during the first several months after surgery. It takes several months for the thighs to regain a normal feel.
  • Temporary numbness is particularly just below the incision is common. The scar often becomes more red several weeks after surgery and begins to fade two to three months later. While the scar will never disappear completely, its appearance is usually very satisfactory. It may take the scar as long as 18 months to reach its final appearance.


Profound® treatments are performed with local anesthetic in the office. The Profound handpiece uses microneedles to pierce the skin and emit radiofrequency energy. The skin heals these tiny “micro-injuries” by producing elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid — which in turn tightens the skin, adds volume, and improves its elasticity.

A single treatment is typically all that is needed to provide noticeable improvements, which may develop as early as 2 weeks afterwards and progress for up to 6 months.

Request a consultation with Dr. Cambeiro, or call SurgiSpa at (702) 734-4100 to schedule your appointment. 

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