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Fly in for Surgery

Today, more and more people travel from their hometowns for cosmetic plastic surgery, and Las Vegas is an ideal destination. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Why not have the chance to recuperate in privacy, away from the stresses of your everyday life, in a city where activities of all kinds await you?

Moreover, when you travel to “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” you have the chance to work with Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, an experienced, Mayo Clinic-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Cambeiro offers a full cosmetic surgery menu that includes liposuction, breast enhancement, and more. Interested? Give our office a call at (702) 734-4100 or fill out our contact form and we’ll walk you through the steps. Learn more about our Las Vegas and Henderson plastic surgery locations.

Your Consultation

Some patients fly in for a plastic surgery consultation a few weeks prior to their procedure. One of the most popular procedures women fly in for is breast augmentation. Women appreciate Dr. Cambeiro’s sensitivity to how they feel about their breasts. They value his ability to tailor the procedure to their individual needs, including the “no breast scar” endoscopic surgery option. By flying in for the consultation, you have the chance to meet with Dr. Cambeiro in person, see additional before-and-after photos of his patients, meet the rest of the staff, and settle some of the details related to recovery.

Dr. Cambeiro and his staff also offer the virtual consultation process, a cost-effective way to share information and plan surgery that doesn’t require you to fly in beforehand. You’ll start by filling in a set of patient forms and detailing your concerns and goals to Dr. Cambeiro. You’ll also be asked to provide a set of photos of the area of your body you’re interested in changing. Dr. Cambeiro will review your information packet, and one of his staff members will contact you to set up opportunities for discussion.

dr cambeiro and staff reviewing patient records in las vegas and henderson

You'll Have Help Every Step of the Way

Dr. Cambeiro’s staff will assist you throughout the process. They’ll help you share information with him, they’ll assist you in planning your recovery, and they’ll answer any questions you have, no matter how many.

No matter how far you plan to travel, distance does not need to be a problem. You’ll meet with Dr. Cambeiro a day or 2 before surgery, and he will help you arrange for follow-up care locally should you have a concern once you’re back home.

You’ll return from your Las Vegas getaway a whole new you!

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