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Youthful breast contours and elevation are essential to women who want to look their best. When age and gravity take their toll, many women need help to restore their figure, femininity, and self-esteem. At SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro offers breast lift and breast lift with implants in Las Vegas to help women achieve their body sculpting goals.  

Also known as “mastopexy with augmentation,” a breast lift with implants boosts breast shapes. It also elevates breasts that have undergone changes after dramatic weight loss, pregnancy, or the natural aging process. Combining these two procedures will enhance the breasts’ overall size and shape to restore youthfulness and balance.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift With Implants?

Excellent candidates for this procedure are non-smokers, have maintained a healthy weight over time, and have one or more of these cosmetic concerns:

  • Nipples pointing downward or falling below the natural breast crease
  • Breasts that are flatter or longer due to sagging or volume loss
  • Skin that has stretched due to significant weight loss, pregnancy, or aging

Not everyone needs a breast lift and augmentation combined. Still, if you have sagging breasts and a loss of firmness, having the two procedures concurrently can resolve these issues.

Breast Lift With Implants Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Cambeiro will explain the breast lift with implants procedure and outline the post-surgery healing process. He will also discuss your expectations for the operation and your aesthetic goals. He will address your concerns by answering all your questions about the procedure. He’ll size you for implants and review your medical history to ensure you are a suitable candidate for the operation.

A breast lift delivers dramatic results by reversing the sagging effect of aging breasts. Many of our Las Vegas and Henderson patients become excited at the prospect of having this procedure done as a standalone surgery. But others would like to enhance breast firmness and size, as well. Many women love the positive change in their breasts and accept the tradeoff for firmness and that desired upward curve. In contrast, others will not consider a procedure that may reduce the size of their breasts.

When combining breast augmentation with a lift, you get all the advantages of a breast lift, plus the many benefits of breast implants. These include adding breast volume, firmness, and loss of cup size that may remove excess skin during the lift. Dr. Cambiero positions the breast implants beneath the breast tissue to add upper pole fullness. It is a delicate procedure that requires the skill and artistic touch of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Why Dr. Cambeiro?

  • voted one of Las Vegas' top plastic surgeons 15 years in row
  • Impressive Credentials: Mayo Clinic trained and Double-Board Certified
  • An Honest, caring approach with a dedication to patient safety and satisfaction

Breast Lift With Implants Recovery

A full recovery from a breast lift procedure takes about six weeks, beginning with a week of downtime. You’ll need to arrange for help around the house, especially during the first week of recovery. You won’t be able to reach for things, lift anything over five pounds (including small children), or move around excessively. We recommend plenty of sleep and relaxation, with occasional light movement to promote blood circulation.

After breast lift procedures, we ask that you sleep upright to reduce swelling. We will provide a prescription for pain meds for your comfort. Expect to wear a compression garment for several days, and plan to come to our office periodically, so we can monitor your progress and remove sutures.

You will not be able to participate in strenuous activity, including working out, for at least four weeks. But you can return to light activities, like a relaxed walk and going back to work, after one week. You will notice scarring after your incisions heal, which is typical for all surgeries. Over time, these will fade and smooth over naturally. We recommend you apply a silicone scar treatment to flatten raised scarring and reduce discoloration.

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Proven Benefits of Breast Lift With Implants

There are several reasons to consider combining these two popular procedures into one operation. They include:

  • Just as safe as having the procedures done separately
  • Less risk of scarring
  • Including implants may require less lift
  • Pairing the procedures saves you money and only requires one recovery process

According to clinical studies, risk levels are similar whether procedures are standalone or combined. Most patients would prefer to have only one operation when possible.

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Patient Experiences: Breast Lift

Dr. Cambeiro was an outstanding surgeon, and I am thrilled with results just 3 weeks out from my procedure. He took the time to listen to what I wanted to accomplish in my breast lift/implant exchange, discussed realistic options, and we agreed on a game plan. He was very responsive to my desire to minimize scars, and I am thoroughly pleased with the result he accomplished a result!

Breast Lift With Implants FAQs

Most patients find the procedure highly tolerable. Post-surgery discomfort is easy to manage by taking prescribed medication as necessary. Soreness and pain will decrease rapidly during recovery if you follow Dr. Cambeiro’s post-operative instructions.

Dr. Cambeiro believes it’s safest and most comfortable to do this operation while the patient is sleeping. You will be under general anesthesia and stay asleep for the entire surgery. An anesthesiologist will monitor you during surgery, and you will awaken within hours in the recovery room. 

As with all surgeries, there are potential risks to consider, including infection, bleeding, and scarring. Complications specific to breast implant surgeries are implant shifting and a condition known as capsular contracture, when a thick band of scar tissue forms around the implant.

These are the reasons it’s critical to choose a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon. These surgeons have the highest level of training for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Contact Dr. Cambeiro to learn how to reduce these risks for the safest cosmetic improvement experience available.

Dr. Cambeiro offers personalized breast surgeries to his patients because all breast anatomies are unique. Also, cosmetic concerns with breast appearance differ from patient to patient. To determine your breast lift cost tailored to your breasts and desired results, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cambeiro.

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