Always Ask Your Prospective Breast Augmentation Surgeon These 5 Questions

The first step towards breast augmentation is scheduling a consultation with your prospective doctor. This is when you can ask questions and consider important decisions with your surgeon, including implant size, type, and placement. As a breast augmentation specialist in Las Vegas, I’d like to recommend 5 must-ask questions for your consultation Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? This is the only legitimate board certification for plastic surgery. A certification from an unrecognized board doesn’t provide the same assurance that your surgeon is qualified and endorsed by reputable peers. How much experience do you have with breast augmentation? I have performed thousands of breast augmentation procedures during my career, which gives me the ability to approach each surgery with an experienced eye. I receive many word-of-mouth recommendations from patients and have been voted a Las Vegas Top Doc for 13 years in a row. Can I see before-and-after photos? This will help ensure your doctor has successfully done procedures in line with your expectations. During breast augmentation consultations, I encourage potential patients to review before-and-after photos of some of my patients with saline implants and others with silicone implants. Unimpressive before-and-after photos, a lack of before-and-after photos, or a refusal to show you existing before-and-after photos are all red flags when it comes to a surgeon’s credibility and qualifications. Is the augmentation surgery performed in an accredited facility? According to a report from doctors at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, 30 out of 42 patients who elected to have surgery out of the country at an unaccredited facility “had infection as at least one of their complications, and some of the infections involved unusual types of bacteria (such as Mycobacteria).” Accreditation ensures surgery facilities are compliant with sterilization techniques and other health requirements. I perform all surgeries at accredited surgery centers, not at my office. Can you please go over the entire breast augmentation process, from start to finish? When you are informed, you will make the best decisions for you and your body. During your consultation, we’ll review the breast augmentation process from start to finish. I also have an open door policy, meaning you can visit the office at any point after surgery to talk over questions or concerns. For other helpful questions to ask your surgeon about breast augmentation, visit this blog post.

Take Your Time to Choose

Your safety and results depend on the surgeon you choose. The time you spend carefully considering the answers to the above questions will help minimize regrets and maximize your happiness with your decision. To learn more about breast augmentation at my Las Vegas practice, please contact us online or call (702) 734-4100 to request a personal consultation.
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