Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Tips

A Brazilian butt lift employs a specialized fat transfer technology to augment the shape and size of the buttocks without implants. Dr. Cambeiro removes excess fat from a predetermined donor site like the hips or abdomen to graft into the derriere for a shapely, hourglass figure.

As with other cosmetic surgeries, effective results hinge upon a successful recovery period. Patients receive a detailed list of instructions to follow to support the healing process. SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery offers these helpful tips to recuperate successfully and realize your ideal Brazilian butt lift benefits.

1. Don’t Sit on Your Backside

Probably the most frequently asked question we receive from potential BBL patients is how they’ll sit after surgery. For maximum survivability of the transferred fat, we ask that you do not put direct pressure on your backside for two to six weeks after your procedure.

If you need to sit, you will need to place a specialized pillow under your lower thighs to take the weight off your behind. If you don’t have one of these pillows, a rolled-up towel can help. When using the toilet, don’t sit down on the seat. Instead, hover over it.

2. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is always essential, but we too often take it for granted. It’s never late to start making some smarter choices, especially after Brazilian butt lift surgery. If your diet primarily consists of processed foods, try to switch to healthier options with a well-balanced diet.

After surgery, your body will get used to the new changes and vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other vital nutrients for recovery. Try adding fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains into the mix.

If you smoke, you’ll need to quit for at least a few weeks after surgery. Smoking restricts blood vessels and circulation, and impairs blood flow and oxygen getting to the incisions. Additionally, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

3. Wear a Compression Garment

Compression garments fit firmly around the surgical site to support the incisions and sutures. Ideally, you should wear the compression garment for three to six weeks after BBL.

Remember, avoid uncomfortable and restrictive garments because they cause damage to grafted fat cells. Also, uncomfortable clothes can cause skin irritation – the last thing you want after surgery.

4. Fat Survival

Not all fat grafted into your buttocks will survive long-term. The fat grafting survival rate depends on the surgical techniques and your recovery progress. After BBL, between 50% and 80% of the transferred fat cells will successfully establish a blood supply in their new location. To ensure a high fat survival rate, you must focus on your recovery. Follow Dr. Cambiero’s recommendations and refrain from anything that could impact the integrity of fat cells or compromise the surgical area.

5. Physical Activity

If you love to work out, you’re probably reluctant to disrupt your fitness routine. While we don’t forbid you from remaining active after BBL, progress with caution.

Please avoid all types of high-impact activities until Dr. Cambeiro approves you to. Engaging in strenuous exercise can impair the healing process and compromise the transferred fat.

In most cases, patients can participate in low-intensity activities within two to three weeks after surgery. Choose workouts like brisk walks that don’t put excessive pressure on your body, especially the buttocks.

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