Correcting Breast Asymmetry With Breast Augmentation

Here’s a fact that might surprise some people: It’s extremely common for a woman to have breasts that are slightly different sizes. In many cases, the difference is barely perceptible. Some women, however, are self-conscious about the size difference but aren’t sure if there’s a solution. That’s where breast enhancement surgery, including breast augmentation at my Las Vegas practice, can help.

I see women virtually every day who are concerned about breast asymmetry. Breasts can be uneven for a number of reasons; the size difference can be significant in some cases. Women with different size breasts say it can be difficult to find clothes that fit well, and some women are uncomfortable being intimate with their partners when the size difference is noticeable.

Procedure Options

Fortunately, I offer a number of techniques to correct breast asymmetry and help you feel more comfortable and confident in your appearance. Creating a surgical plan to address patients’ concerns involves 3 breast procedure options:

I use breast implants to correct asymmetry for women who also want to increase the size of their breasts. We can use different size implants in each breast to create a final look that is symmetrical. This is a fairly common approach to create the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Breast augmentation with either saline or silicone gel implants can correct asymmetry. To some extent, round or teardrop (anatomical) breast implants can also help improve shape asymmetry.

Women with overly large breasts undergo breast reduction for a number of reasons, many of which relate to physical discomfort caused by the weight of their breasts. During breast reduction surgery, I can create symmetrical breasts by removing additional breast tissue from the larger breast by excising the tissue or using liposuction. In either case, I reshape the breasts to appear more youthful.

Sometimes breast asymmetry is caused when 1 breast sags more than the other (see before & after photos of a patient). Similar to adjusting asymmetry during breast reduction, I can even out the size of the breasts during a breast lift by adjusting the amount of breast tissue removed. In breast lift procedures that are combined with augmentation, I can also use different size implants to create more symmetrical breasts.

Additionally, I can use several different types of incisions, each with their own benefits, to perform breast lift surgery (mastopexy). The choice of technique depends primarily on your body and the amount of sagging. Regardless of the specific incision used, the goal of a breast lift is to remove unnecessary skin, tighten sagging breast tissue, and support the new, perkier breast contour.

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Remember that asymmetrical breasts are very common, and in the vast majority of cases pose absolutely no health risks. If you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of your breasts and want to find out more about your breast augmentation options here in Las Vegas, contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call (702) 734-4100 to schedule an appointment.

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