Does Revision Breast Surgery Require A Lift?

Since breast augmentation is consistently in demand with women, the need for breast revision surgery will not diminish. A breast revision uses one set of breast implants and replaces them with another or removes them with no replacement. The procedure is designed to enhance a girl’s breast appearance after an initial operation failed to deliver their desired results.

But what about a breast lift? Is that needed? And if so, when? 

Why a Breast Lift?

It’s necessary to add a breast lift to a breast revision when breast location and elevation needs improving. A breast lift reinforces the breast wall to support breast tissue or implants and deliver elevation. It also eliminates any excess skin that remains after the operation, so the skin presence is taut. It’s simple to determine if a breast lift is needed; just examine yourself in the mirror to see if your nipple falls below the natural breast crease.  

Results are a pleasing appearance from repositioning and reshaping droopy breasts. Wrinkled skin will be eliminated, and that sensual upward curve you enjoyed when you were younger will return.  

Does a Lift Require Revision Surgery?

A breast revision is necessary when a prior breast enhancement has resulted in complications like capsular contraction or undesirable results, or if there is some damage to the implant due to trauma or age. If you are considering a breast lift after having implants placed in the past, you might want to ask your surgeon if it’s time to upgrade.

Do You Need a Revision?

If you’ve had a breast enhancement recently but aren’t happy with the results, ask Dr. Cambeiro if a revision is necessary. Implants often do what is expected, but breast tissue can’t support the extra weight and “bottom out.” A breast lift as a standalone procedure should be all you need for your desired results without the need for an implant exchange.

What About Remove My Implants Without Replacing Them?

Many women consider removing their implants. It may be because of lifestyle changes, or they are excited about the possibilities of their appearance without implants. When this is the case, their breast implant removal will often require a breast lift to strengthen the chest wall and eliminating excess skin.

Why Use a Plastic Surgeon for Your Breast Revision?

When considering breast revision surgery, there are many types of surgeons you can turn to. But for the safest operation with optimal results, you should only consider board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive breast surgery experience. These surgeons have acquired the most rigorous training. They must keep up with the latest techniques and technologies through continuing education. They are also held to the highest ethical standards in medicine.

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