Enjoy a Plumper Pout With a Lip Lift

Does your smile struggle with upper and lower lip balance? Would you like to enhance your facial appearance with fuller lips? Many women long for a more prominent pout with an upper lip that resembles a Cupid’s bow. Or, you may have been a filler patient for years and are now looking for a more permanent solution.

Lips are a defining facial feature. They structure our smiles, convey our emotions, and help project a youthful attractiveness. But, perhaps Mother Nature didn’t see fit to bless you with a full pout, or you’ve lost significant lip volume over the years. If that’s the case, we may have an answer to get your pout back to kissable plumpness.

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that delivers full lips and facial harmony. It can also reduce the vertical wrinkles that form around the mouth.

Lip Lift Benefits

Full, nicely contoured lips are synonymous with beauty, and achieving optimally shaped lips requires careful planning. Many women are unhappy with their lip shape and volume. A lip lift is the best option to raise the upper lip position.

Ideal candidates may struggle with:

  • Symmetrical lips
  • Lips that are flat, thin, or hang over the bottom lip
  • Lips that are too far or too close to the nose
  • Lips that don’t cover the upper row of teeth
  • Corners of the mouth in a frowning position
  • A long upper lip

Two Techniques

Your lips are unique to you and your face. Therefore, you deserve a customized approach to fit your appearance. There are two techniques for obtaining the lip presence you want.

1. Gull-Wing Lip Lift

This method focuses on the vermilion border, also known as the Cupid’s bow. In simple terms, the vermilion border forms the top of the Cupid’s bow or the center of the top lip. During the procedure, Dr. Cambeiro will detach skin tissue, lifting the lips to add lip line definition.

2. Sub-Nasal Lip Lift

When the space between the top lift and the nose is too long, it can offset facial symmetry. The sub-nasal lip lift removes a small amount of skin from under the nose and sutures it in a higher position. This higher position enables the lips to appear large and fuller and emphasize the much-wanted Cupid’s bow.

Recovery Expectations

Depending on the extent of work performed and the technique chosen, this minimally invasive surgery can take a matter of minutes or hours. Therefore, it is reasonable for Las Vegas patients to anticipate some bruising, swelling, and discomfort for a couple of weeks.

Learn More About Our Las Vegas Lip Lift

For more information about a lip lift, request a complimentary consultation or call (702) 734-4100. Dr. Cambeiro will discreetly provide any necessary information to let you make an informed decision. In addition, he will answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

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