How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Profile

As you dive deeper into the breast augmentation process, you’ll find that there are decisions that await. Your surgeon will help you consider many different dimensions of your surgery, including implant size, type, and placement, as well as surgical technique. Each decision will have a critical impact on achieving your desired results.

One important variable for your implants is not often discussed – the profile. This vital component of the implant should not be taken lightly. It’s the profile that will determine how far your breasts will project off the chest wall. The narrower the base of your implant, the greater the projection.

Profile Options

Consider these different profiles when choosing your breast implants:

  • Ultra-high profile
  • High profile
  • Moderate plus profile
  • Moderate profile
  • Low profile

The higher the profile you choose, the greater the projection. A high profile will cause your breasts to be fuller, more rounded, and depending on your body type, may look less natural than other options. High profile looks best on women who are petite and have a narrow chest wall.

A moderate profile provides women with a nominal amount of projection and generally leads to more natural-appearing results. If you are a smallish woman or have a reasonably thin chest wall, you could be an ideal candidate for this option.

Women who have a broad chest should look to a lower profile implant. These have a relatively wider appearance with less projection.

The Right Implant Profile for You!

The correct implant profile is mostly determined by your body type and cosmetic goals.

Body type—don’t expect that your friend’s implants will deliver an identical outcome for you. The same implant will not deliver the same results with two different patients. Your body type plays a huge role in how the implant will sit on your chest. Dr. Cambeiro will discuss this with you during your consultation.

Desired results—your cosmetic goals will play a massive role in choosing your implant. The profile used will project a more subtle, natural change, or a more dramatic, fuller effect. This, too, will be discussed in detail during your consultation.

We know this is a lot to take in, but don’t fret – you’ll have help with your decisions. Dr. Cambeiro will use his Mayo Clinic training and his extensive experience in breast surgery operations to give you detailed information and expert advice. Dr. Cambeiro will design a customized surgical plan that will provide you with the breasts of your dreams.

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