Arm Lift Case 6



This woman chose to meet with me in my Las Vegas practice because she disliked the large amounts of loose excess skin in her upper arms. She wanted to have a cosmetic surgery procedure that would remove burdensome skin and tissues and sculpt firmer, more proportionate arm contours. After we talked about her goals and I outlined the approaches that made sense for her shape and objectives, she decided on an arm lift to tighten her loose tissues and help her feel more comfortable with the look of her arms.

In milder cases, liposuction is enough to remove hanging fat on the upper arm; however, because of the amount of excess skin this woman wanted to remove, I also performed an arm lift to tighten the area. This requires a small incision at the inside of the arm, near the armpit, to allow the surgeon to tighten the loose skin accurately.

Many patients undergo this type of procedure after losing a large amount of weight, because rapid weight changes tend to leave behind large amounts of extra skin. Typically, these patients will choose to combine this type of procedure with another cosmetic surgery such as liposuction to correct loose, folding tissues at the mid to upper back or along the “bra roll” area.

After her cosmetic surgery procedure, this patient is showing dramatic improvements. She no longer has excess skin in her upper arms, and as a result her arms look smaller and much more toned. She is very happy with the result, and depending on how well she keeps up her healthy habits, she should continue to see her arms develop better definition over time.

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