Arm Lift Case 4

Mini Arm Lift


This 32-year-old woman from Las Vegas, Nevada was unhappy with her arms. To find out more about cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas, she scheduled a consultation with me at my plastic and cosmetic surgery office. She wanted to reduce the excess skin and fat in her arms, but she was concerned about potential scarring associated with a traditional arm lift. It is important to me to ensure that each patient has a positive experience with their procedure, so I took the time to address these concerns and discuss this woman’s options thoroughly before we decided together on a mini arm lift with arm liposuction.

In some individuals, the underside of their arms may appear fuller than they would like, and with age, this may worsen as skin becomes loose and flabby. While a traditional arm lift requires incisions to remove the excess skin and fat, the mini version of this procedure incorporates liposuction techniques to help ensure precise results and keep scarring to a minimum. To reduce the chance of scarring while allowing for significant improvement to the shape of her arms, I used a minimal-incision approach, removing the excess fat and skin through only a few small, strategically placed incisions.

This patient experienced a typical recovery. Patients who undergo an arm lift procedure can expect some swelling for the first several days, and will need to wear a compression garment for a minimum of two weeks. This will ensure a quicker recovery and will decrease swelling. This patient was able to return to her normal activities in about three weeks following her surgery, and will continue to see her scars fade over the next few months. She is enjoying her new freedom to wear sleeveless tops with confidence, and already is very happy with the results of her Las Vegas liposuction procedure.

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