Breast Augmentation with Lift Case 23

Implant Wall

Smooth Wall

Implant Placement


Implant Shape


Implant Contents:

Semi-Solid Silicone Gel

Breast Incision Type:

Inverted T

Cup Size:

Before: B After: D


This 48 year-old woman had previously undergone a breast lift surgery, but found that after her procedure she wanted also to increase the volume of her breasts. Although her breast lift had given her a “perkier,” more attractive shape, she felt that her small breast volume did not balance well with her natural curves. In her consultation we discussed a number of different options for implant size, shape, and projection before deciding together that round, 400cc moderate-plus profile high cohesive gel silicone implants would offer the best Las Vegas plastic surgery results for her needs.

During the procedure, I placed the implants in the more popular submuscular position, so that the implant would rest beneath the pectoralis muscle, rather than directly behind the mammary glands. This placement provides a more natural breast curve that transitions more smoothly from the upper chest to the breast mound. This placement technique also seems to minimize the risk of capsular contracture.

This woman’s breast enlargement in Las Vegas increased her cup size from a B to a D while creating a visibly more defined breast shape. The scars visible in her post-operative photographs are permanent, but will continue to fade with time. That this woman’s breasts are now fuller and rounder, and she is very pleased with the smoother curve of her chest as well as the greater breast volume and more balanced look that she had desired.

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