Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants Case 77

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This young woman was unsatisfied with her breast shape and size. Her B-cup breasts did not balance well with the lower half of her body, making her look awkward and bottom-heavy. At the same time, her left breast was perkier than the right, making her chest appear asymmetrical. While problems like these often create a dramatically imbalanced or unattractive look, they often can be corrected with very slight adjustments using Las Vegas cosmetic surgery. When she met with me for her initial consultation, we discussed a number of breast enhancement options before settling on a breast augmentation with saline implants.

To restore volume in asymmetric breasts, I will often recommend saline implants because they allow the surgeon to adjust the volume of each breast very precisely. This patient had also decided on having her implants placed below the pectoral muscle, a position that many women prefer because it creates a gentler, very natural-looking curve. In her procedure, I inserted the saline implants through a half-circle incision around the areola before filling them to 500cc. This approach is popular because the dark skin of the areola helps hide any scars.

This patient experienced a typical recovery. Within several days, her gauze dressings were removed, although she continued to wear her surgical bra to ensure good breast position throughout the healing process. Most patients undergoing breast augmentation can expect some soreness for a few days following surgery but should be up and about in 48-72 hours. For the first two to three weeks, breasts can be sensitive to direct stimulation. After that, breast contact should be fine, though this will depend on how quickly you tend to heal. This particular patient was able to return to work within a week.

After her procedure, her frame looks balanced rather than pear-shaped, and she is happy with the natural-looking, symmetrical results of her Las Vegas breast augmentation.

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