Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants Case 21

Dr. Cambeiro
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This is a 35 year old woman from Henderson, Nevada. She is a business professional who came to my practice because she was interested in breast enlargement. Like many Las Vegas women, this patient felt that her breasts were disproportionate to her body and she was tired of shopping for bras and clothing that never seemed to fit quite right. She wanted fuller, more rounded breasts to give her a more feminine profile.

During our consultation, the patient and I discussed her implant choices, placement options, and the various surgical techniques available. She chose smooth round saline implants and she opted for the submuscular placement technique. Submuscular placement means inserting the implant between the pectoralis muscle and the rib cage as opposed to on top of the pectoralis muscle. I usually recommend submuscular placement because it tends to create a more natural looking breast appearance with less chance of visible folds and ripples in the implant wall.

I performed this patient’s procedure at my Las Vegas plastic surgery practice. The implants were filled to 300cc, which brought her from her natural A cup to a C cup. I inserted the implants through inframammary incisions and as the photos show, there is very little visible scarring. The surgery was quite successful and the patient was very pleased with her results. She is enjoying her enhanced appearance and feels more comfortable with her body than ever before.

I specialize in performing breast enlargements for Las Vegas women and I would be happy to discuss your plastic surgery goals and options with you. Request a consultation with me to learn more about my practice and how a breast augmentation procedure can change your life.

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