Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants Case 54

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This 29-year-old woman disliked the size of her B-cup breasts. Because of their small size her breasts appeared droopy and, from the side, noticeably flat. To find out how she could enhance her breast shape and size, she scheduled an appointment with with me at my plastic surgery center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Together we discussed various surgical options. Because she wanted to create a rounder breast shape and increase her size from a B cup to a C cup, she decided to plan a breast augmentation surgery.  A breast lift was recommended, but she wished to postpone the breast lift and proceed with increasing to volume  of her breasts with a breast augmentaiton.

I performed this patient’s breast augmentation using an inframammary incision. This type of incision is made at the crease between the base of the breast and the chest wall. I used smooth, round saline implants placed under the muscle and filled to 375 cc on the left and right breast. I find that submuscular placement generally provides a more natural-looking breast with a better transition from the upper chest to the breast mound. At the same time, it helps prevent the risk of scarring around the implant and minimizes the chance that you will see any ripples in the implant surface. Many women also appreciate how submuscular placement poses less difficulty for mammograms.

This patient is happy with the enhanced yet natural look of her breast augmentation. Her breasts appear full, and are no longer flat-looking from the side. Her larger areolas and nipples also appear much more proportionate with her new, fuller size. Recovery is an important part of your breast augmentation experience, so I give each patient specific directions to help ensure successful results. Most patients return to work and to typical daily activities within the week, and resume their exercise routine and other strenuous activities within just a few weeks.

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