Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants Case 73

Dr. Cambeiro
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This patient is a 22 year old female who was referred to my cosmetic surgery practice in Las Vegas because she was interested in a breast augmentation procedure. The patient was wearing an A cup bra and her left breast was significantly smaller than her right breast. She wanted to correct the asymmetry between her breasts and increase her size to a C cup.

During our initial consultation, I took various measurements of the patient’s body and we discussed her goals and expectations for the procedure. Based on a number of factors such as her body type and her natural breast tissue, I recommended saline implants placed below the pectoralis muscle via a periareolar incision. Periareolar incisions are made on the breast around the dark skin of the areola, which usually conceals any scarring. I usually recommend submuscular implant placement for my breast augmentation patients from Las Vegas because I have found it to produce the most natural-looking results.

The left implant was filled to 370cc and the right one was filled to 300cc. As the photos show, the breast asymmetry has been corrected and she now has much fuller, rounder breasts as a result of the procedure. Scarring from the incisions is minimal and the results fit naturally with the patient’s body. In addition to the cosmetic results, this patient mentioned several emotional benefits following her procedure as well. She no longer feels self-conscious about her breast size and doesn’t have to worry about using padding to correct the asymmetry between her breasts.

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