Breast Lift Case 21



Breast augmentation requires a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy, and it is inevitable that some women will achieve unsatisfying results from inexperienced surgeons. This woman came to my office to get my professional recommendation for revision breast augmentation in Las Vegas. Specifically, she was unhappy with the way her results caused her left breast to sit much lower than the right one. This asymmetry made it difficult for her to wear bras and gave her nipples a disproportionate look. After reviewing her surgical history and examining her current shape, I explained that while her breast implants did not need to be replaced, an interanl breast lift procedure could correct her uneven look.

I performed an internal breast lift, or mastopexy, to return her breasts (and the inframammary folds) to a more natural, symmetric position. Depending on the amount of breast droopiness, I can choose from any of several different incision techniques to remove excess skin, lift the breast mound, and reposition the nipple and areola. Some scarring is inevitable but generally fades and flattens significantly during the months after surgery.

By viewing this patient’s “after” photos, it is obvious that her plastic surgery in Las Vegas has significantly restored symmetry to her inframammary folds and nipples. Her breasts now appear much more proportionate with smoother, more natural-looking contours. She is very pleased with the way her procedure restored evenness to her breasts and further enhanced their shape.

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