Breast Revision Case 3

Breast Incision Type


Implant Placement


Implant Contents

Semi-Solid Silicone Gel

Implant Shape


Cup Size

Before: B After: D

Implant Wall

Smooth Wall


This 32 year-old woman from Europe flew in for a consultation at my plastic and cosmetic surgery office in Nevada because she had heard about my results for revisionary breast enhancements such as breast enlargement in Las Vegas. She explained that she was extremely unsatisfied with the results of a previous breast lift and wanted to correct the asymmetry and increase the volume of her breasts. I recommended a combination procedure that would include a bilateral silicone breast augmentation and a revision bilateral breast lift (mastopexy).

In her procedure I inserted two 425cc smooth, cohesive-gel silicone breast implants placed below the pectoral muscle. Because this patient was undergoing a breast lift at the same time as her augmentation, I placed the implant through her breast lift incisions in order to limit scarring and help ensure a satisfying post-procedure shape.

After her Las Vegas plastic surgery this patient has the noticeably fuller breasts she desired. In her “after” photos taken six weeks following surgery, it is evident that her breasts now have a smoother, more rounded contour and a more proportional, attractive position. At this early stage in her recovery her breasts are still a little high, and will drop a little before they “settle” into a natural position. Her scars are also somewhat noticeable at this point, though in the next few months they should lose that “puckered” look and fade to look much like the pale, flat scars visible in her “before” photo.

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