Liposuction of Trunk Case 1



This woman was uncomfortable with the “rolls” of loose skin and localized fat along her back. Specifically, she was unhappy with the way the unevenly distributed fat below her bra lines made her look and feel asymmetrical. After consulting with me, she understood her options clearly and felt confident that liposuction in Las Vegas of her anterior and posterior flanks as well as of her bra rolls would help her achieve the appearance she desired.

To perform a liposuction procedure, the surgeon typically begins by injecting the treatment area with a special saline solution that includes a numbing agent and helps to loosen the fat. Then, the surgeon creates a tiny incision through which he or she inserts the liposuction cannula, which removes the fat. Preferably, liposuction patients are at or near their ideal body weight with one or a few area of localized fat deposits that do not seem to smooth out with diet and exercise alone. For this woman, I focused on particular areas of her back that would target her problem areas while offering the maximum benefit for the overall curve of her body.

This woman’s cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas has yielded beautiful results. I was able to make dramatic improvements to the contours of her back, giving her a slimmer waist in the process. She no longer has “rolls” beneath her bra line, and the curves of her hips are much smoother and create a better balance with the rest of her body. This woman is already much happier with her appearance, and will continue to see her results smooth out as the healing process continues.

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