Liposuction of Trunk Case 10



This young woman came to SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas wanting to improve her overall body contour. While she had a fairly trim and toned figure for the most part, she felt that excess mid-body fat tissue made her look heavier than she really was.

At her consultation, Dr. Cambeiro discussed her candidacy for liposuction. This is an extremely popular procedure at his practice because it can achieve attractive results that are just not possible with diet and exercise alone. This patient was a strong candidate for liposuction because she was well within her ideal weight range and had good skin elasticity. Plastic surgery in Las Vegas is often the best way for a patient to put the “finishing touches” on their desired appearance.

After receiving both local and general anesthesia, the patient’s abdomen and flanks were thinned by inserting a cannula (a thin metal wand that breaks up fat tissue). Dr. Cambeiro is careful to cause minimal disruption to surrounding healthy tissue while loosening and suctioning out the excess fat cells. He uses methods such as super-wet and tumescent and ultrasonic liposuction in Las Vegas that have been shown to increase post-surgical comfort.

After surgery, this patient had a quick and comfortable recovery. She is happy with her results and enjoys having a smooth body contour that is more flattering and attractive.

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