Liposuction of Trunk Case 9



This young woman was unhappy with some of the most obvious ways childbirth had affected her body. Despite her efforts to regain her pre-baby figure, she was still dissatisfied with the appearance of her mid-abdominal area as well as her saggy, empty-looking breasts. She had recently heard of “mommy makeover” cosmetic surgery and was curious to know more, so she scheduled a consultation with me at my office near Las Vegas to to discuss liposuction and breast augmentation procedures. After discussing her goals with me and going over a few different approaches, this woman decided that a “mommy makeover” including both liposuction and a tummy tuck would meet her needs.

The “mommy makeover” is not a specific procedure or set of procedures, but includes a combination of surgical or nonsurgical treatments performed at one time to correct some of the most significant problem areas that new mothers want to improve. For this woman, for example, I performed a breast augmentation to restore the volume in her sagging breasts. At the same time, I also performed liposuction to remove stubborn fat pockets in her abdomen, a common problem area for new moms struggling to maintain their pre-baby shape. Often I will combine augmentation with a breast lift procedure, although some patients such as this one will choose to undergo the augmentation alone. As a result, we see only moderate improvement in her nipple position post-surgery.

Recovery from a mommy makeover procedure can take several weeks or months, depending upon the patient’s physical condition. This patient was able to resume normal activities after about two weeks. She is enjoying the benefits of her breast augmentation and tummy tuck. She looks and feels much more like her pre-pregnancy self, and enjoys wearing the attractive clothing styles she thought she would never be able to wear again. Though she may be a mommy, she knows the importance of taking care of herself along with her children and is very happy with her enhanced look and self-confidence.

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