Male Pec Implants/Enlargement Case 1



A larger abdominal section often creates an illusion of a thinner, smaller pectoral area, and in some cases even strengthening exercises cannot achieve the right balance between these areas. As a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, I am seeing many more men who suffer from an imbalanced appearance and want to find a way to correct it through plastic surgery. With male pectoral implants, I can help these men sculpt a firmer-looking chest.

This man consulted with me to see which cosmetic enhancement procedure could produce the results he wanted. I usually combine male pectoral enhancement with liposuction to sculpt a more defined and chiseled look while removing localized fat deposits from specific areas of the body. Because this man had a relatively small chest, I inserted firm pectoral implants beneath his pectoral tissues to help his chest appear more balanced and create an angular but natural-looking pectoral contour.

This man is now much happier with the size and shape of his chest, and his pectoral muscles are larger and firmer. Increasing the size of his chest has actually helped his stomach appear smaller, and he looks healthier and more toned as a result. He is also pleased that he now has a more athletic physique.

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