SmartLipo Triplex – Advantages Over Traditional Liposuction

As a popular cosmetic surgery, most people are familiar with liposuction. It’s been at the forefront of body shaping treatments for decades, each year on top of the list of surgical procedures. But as with everything else, technology changes, and the same holds true for this time-tested treatment.

Now there is an advanced version of liposuction, SmartLipo Triplex. This advanced variation does everything that liposuction can and more. So, if you are looking to address unwanted fat bulges that diet and exercise have not, this blog may interest you. Here are some advantages that SmartLipo has over liposuction. 

SmartLipo Uses Advanced Laser Technology at Multiple Wavelengths

Smartlipo’s thin, specialized cannula uses a laser fiber that melts targeted fat cells. The state-of-the art TriPlex replaced the original and MPX™ versions of Smartlipo that have a range of 6 to 18 watts.

Smartlipo TriPlex has 18 watts and the following 3 wavelengths:

  • 1064 nanometer: Reduces swelling and bruising
  • 1320 nanometer: Helps with skin tightening while heating the dermis
  • 1440 nanometer: Tightens skin and melts fat

These wavelengths can be highly effective when combined and administered by an expert like Dr. Cambeiro. SmartLipo is the only device that offers the 1440 wavelength, which is why it produces outstanding results time and again.

SmartLipo Triplex is Less Invasive

SmartLipo Triplex is for patients who want to remove stubborn fat but prefer a less invasive option than traditional liposuction. The minimally-invasive SmartLipo Triplex can help you reveal slimmer thighs, abdomen, arms, neck, and face. Because SmartLipo uses a smaller Cannula, it requires smaller incisions and, consequently, smaller scars.

SmartLipo Triplex Does Not Require a General Anesthetic

Traditional liposuction requires general anesthesia, SmartLipo Triplex does not. This advantage reduces the risk of potential complications and shortens the procedure. By requiring only a local anesthetic, we can perform the operation quickly and conveniently in our office without the added complexity or cost of general anesthesia.

SmartLipo is Less Painful

Not only is the SmartLipo procedure less painful than traditional liposuction, but so is its recovery. The use of laser technology to liquify unwanted fat for easy removal is more tolerable than implementing a larger cannula that physically manipulates the fat to be suctioned out. This considerable difference makes SmartLipo less painful and with less bruising afterward.

SmartLipo Offers Shorter Recovery

Because SmartLipo minimizes trauma to the surrounding tissue, the recovery is shorter with SmartLipo, with many patients returning to work within three days. This makes SmartLipo Triplex an excellent weekend treatment. Have the procedure done on Friday and be ready to return to work on Monday.

SmartLipo Triplex Also Tightens Skin

For patients who have lax skin, the void left behind with liposuction may sag and wrinkle when it re-drapes over the smaller underlying tissue. SmartLipo Triplex stimulates collagen production, which firms up the skin for a tighter, more even texture.

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