What You Need to Know About ThermiBreast™, the Nonsurgical Breast Lift

If you’ve been considering breast lift surgery in Las Vegas but aren’t thrilled about scarring and downtime, ThermiBreast might be right for you. ThermiBreast is a procedure using Thermi® technology that uses small needles to gently heat breast tissue. The whole procedure takes about an hour, and you can go about your normal routine soon after.

Is ThermiBreast right for me?

Women who are looking to restore “perkiness” or lift in their breast tissue and have small to medium sized breasts are good candidates for ThermiBreast. This innovative procedure is for women with mild sagging (ptosis) as a result of weight loss, aging, or pregnancy.

This procedure does not increase breast volume, and is not for women with moderate to severe ptosis or who have lost breast volume. In those cases, women should to consider a breast augmentationbreast lift, or a combination of the two.

How does ThermiBreast work?

ThermiBreast delivers gentle radiofrequency heat to the breast tissue through small needles applied under breast skin. Over the span of a few months after the procedure, collagen production increases and the breast skin becomes firmer and tighter. The nipples may rise in placement for a more youthful, “perkier” breast shape. Because of increased collagen, breast skin can also look refreshed and more elastic.

What’s the procedure like?

The procedure lasts approximately one hour. Small needles are inserted into the breast tissue. I use local anesthesia and pain is minimal.

What should I expect after the procedure, and what are the results?

As the procedure requires minimal downtime, you may return home immediately afterwards. Although you may initially see minor swelling and/or bruising, these symptoms usually go away within a few days. I advise patients to wear a tight sports bra for a few days to minimize swelling. You may return to work or your normal schedule immediately. In a week, you can go back to your normal exercise routine. Over the span of 2 months, breast tissue gradually tightens and lifts through increased collagen production, firming the breasts and raising the nipples. The results can last several years.

To find out if you are a candidate for ThermiBreast, request a complimentary consultation in my Las Vegas or Henderson office.

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