Your breast augmentation timeline for swimsuit season

It may seem counter-intuitive to think about swimsuit season in January, but it’s also the perfect month to begin planning a breast augmentation if you’d like one before summer vacation season. Here’s a timeline to consider, including all the steps leading up to the surgery, and the post-operation recovery period.


You will begin the breast augmentation process by scheduling a complimentary consultation. During the consultation, we’ll have an open conversation about breast augmentation and the look you want to achieve. You’ll get to feel both saline and silicone implants and try on implant sizers to get an idea of the look and feel you envision.

You will come in for a second consultation before the surgery. During this consultation, we will review any further questions or concerns, confirm your desired implant size (many feel it’s helpful to bring along a trusted friend or family member for this part of the process), review preparations for the surgery, and take care of payment/paperwork. You can see full details of the two consultations here.

The breast augmentation surgery

I perform the surgery accompanied by a board-certified anesthesiologist. This is one of the top considerations you should take into account when choosing a surgeon. You can read the full list of checkboxes to ask your prospective surgeon about here.  The full surgery usually takes from one to two hours.

One – two days post op

You’ll allow your body to recover from the surgery over the first few days. This means you’ll get up and walk around to reduce the risk of blood clots, gradually ease back into food from an initially liquid diet, and hydrate. You’ll likely need someone’s help to do these activities.

Two – three days post op

Bathing is usually fine after three days, but the incisions should still not be submerged in any type of water, including the bath, ocean or swimming pools.

Five – seven days post op 

Most patients can now return to work. You’ll perform a specialized implant massage to help reduce the risk of capsular contracture, and you’ll finish up the antibiotics you will take for five days post-op to reduce risk of infection.

Six weeks post op 

You can now stop wearing your specialized sports bra, and your breasts will look and feel softer and more natural. You can also resume your normal exercise program. Although you should be able to swim four weeks after surgery, you should still check with your surgeon to confirm you’re ok to swim in a pool or ocean at this time.

Two – three months post op

This is when your breasts will have truly settled into the breast pocket, be fully healed, and look and feel their most natural. Swelling will have subsided, and you’ll be able to enjoy your final result. Because it can take two – three months for your breast shape to settle, it’s ideal to begin planning your breast implant surgery at the beginning of the year if you’d like to have the surgery completed before the summer. You can read our full breast augmentation guide here, or call the office at 702.566.8300 to schedule your complimentary consultation. Looking forward to meeting with you.

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