4 Tummy Tuck Myths

A sleek, firm abdomen is a hallmark of an appealing figure. Unfortunately, many life milestones like pregnancy can wreak havoc on a slim, smooth belly.

If you’re worried about stretched skin, stubborn fat, or sagging abdominal tissue, a tummy tuck is an excellent cosmetic procedure to return your midsection to a youthful contour. Unfortunately, misinformation about the surgery is all too prevalent on the internet. Today, let’s debunk these myths so you can decide if abdominoplasty is the proper body contouring for you.

1. A Tummy Tuck Will Help You Lose Weight

A typical misapprehension surrounding abdominoplasty is that it’s an ideal procedure for those who wish to lose a dramatic amount of weight around their midsection. However, tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss therapy. While Dr. Arthur Cambeiro often uses liposuction during a tummy tuck to minimize stubborn fat pads and improve abdominal contours, there are limits to how much a qualified surgeon can safely remove in this procedure.

The optimal candidates for a tummy tuck are patients who are at or near their healthy weight, are physically active, in good overall health, and are struggling with a protruding abdominal region with loose and sagging tissue.

After a tummy tuck, your midsection will be flatter and more toned, but you won’t experience much weight loss. Remember, future weight gain can reverse your surgical benefits.

2. You Can Duplicate Tummy Tuck Results With Diet and Exercise

When seeking a sleeker stomach, diet and exercise are the most efficient tools for losing weight, building muscle tone, and improving your overall wellness and health.

While you should still incorporate nutrition and fitness into your daily life, traditional weight loss methods still have limitations surrounding the results they can provide. No matter how much energy you put into these efforts, spot toning remains a myth. That means you may still struggle with a stubborn belly, even if you’ve hit your target weight.

Often, working out and eating a healthy diet are not enough to address some aesthetic concerns. For example, it’s usually impossible to remove or tighten excess, stretched abdominal skin resulting from pregnancy or significant weight loss without surgical intervention.

Childbearing and weight fluctuations can also weaken the abdominal muscles and stretch the connective tissues known as the abdominal fascia, which only further exacerbates the appearance of a protruding belly. If your skin, abdominal wall, or fascia have become stretched out, tummy tuck surgery is the only way to restore a taut and youthful abdomen.

3. You’re Too Old for a Tummy Tuck

With cosmetic surgery, age is only a number. There is no wrong time to choose a tummy tuck for a firm, toned abdomen. However, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cambeiro will discuss various considerations to determine your candidacy for the operation.

While a tummy tuck will dramatically improve your midsection contour with long-lasting results, no aesthetic surgery will stop the natural aging process or deliver the perfect body.

4. Tummy Tucks Are Only for Women
A tummy tuck has been a trendy cosmetic option for women partly due to the many irreversible midsection changes accompanying pregnancy and childbirth, such as stretched skin and abdominal muscles. In addition, abdominoplasty is often part of a mommy makeover – a customized combination of cosmetic procedures to help women restore their pre-pregnancy body.

While men rarely worry about the physical changes due to life’s milestones, they are not immune to developing a “dad bod.” Heredity, lifestyle, or significant weight fluctuation can leave men with pesky belly fat, loose skin, and self-consciousness about their midsection. Regardless of your gender identity, tummy tuck surgery tightens and tones abdominal contours, so your clothes fit better, and your bare belly is something you want to flaunt.

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