Liposuction Recovery: Everything You Need to Know

Liposuction targets and removes unwanted, exercise-resistant fat to recontour and sculpt your body. However, like any surgery, the procedure involves a recovery period. Weeks of waiting and downtime can feel long when you’re eagerly anticipating your results. However, with planning and research, you can learn how to have the healthiest, smoothest possible healing time.

Before committing to liposuction, it’s wise to understand what to expect afterward. Here is information we provide all our liposuction patients so they can have realistic goals and enjoy a successful recovery.

How Long Is Liposuction Recovery?

Your healing time depends on the size and location of the treated areas. Most patients feel healed enough to return to work or their daily routine one to two weeks after their procedure. Bruising will resolve on its own, though some swelling may last for several weeks. Light activity will promote circulation and healthy healing.

How to Reduce Inflammation After Liposuction Surgery

The best way to reduce swelling and fluid buildup is to consistently wear your compression garment until Dr. Cambiero says you can remove it. Keep it on day and night except when showering. It will provide constant mild pressure to reduce swelling and prevent side effects like edema or rippling.

In addition, by drinking plenty of water, avoiding salty foods, and taking gentle walks, you can speed the healing process. Lymphatic massages are also popular to reduce liposuction swelling.

When Can You Resume Workouts After Liposuction?

It’s essential to get plenty of rest to recuperate after surgery. However, you can slowly start adding exercise to your routine after three weeks. Start with low-impact activities and gradually increase to more intensive cardio. Regular exercise is excellent for maintaining your liposuction results and keeping your body slim for years.

Liposuction Results Will Get Better With Time

You will see an improvement after liposuction, but won’t realize your optimal benefits until the swelling and bruising subside. After one to three months, your body will start settling into its enhanced outline, with continual progress for up to one year. Be patient. Your body needs time to heal and deliver those outstanding results.

Best Liposuction Surgeon in Las Vegas

As a liposuction specialist, Dr. Cambiero uses SmartLipo TriPlex because of its effectiveness in resolving unwanted fat in specific areas. This technology makes fat removal safer, while promoting tighter skin.

He reliably achieves outstanding patient satisfaction, thanks to his surgical outcomes and personalized, patient-focused approach. We invite you to visit our locations in Henderson and Las Vegas.

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