After ASAPS Debate on Laser Liposuction, Las Vegas Surgeon Weighs In

At the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in April, a lively debate was held about the safety and efficacy of laser liposuction. A Las Vegas “Top Doc,” Dr. Arthur Cambeiro shares insights from his practice.

Las Vegas, Nevada (June 2010) – This April, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery held their annual meeting in Washington D.C. At the meeting, attendees discussed the merits of laser-assisted liposuction, a procedure that has been getting a lot of buzz with patients and surgeons alike. At the center of the debate was a basic question – whether utilizing lasers for liposuction is helpful for or harmful to patients. Reflecting on the meeting, Dr. Arthur M. Cambeiro, named one of Las Vegas’ “Top Doctors” in plastic surgery, shares insights from his experience performing liposuction in Las Vegas.

“Some surgeons believe laser liposuction can tighten skin and encourage collagen production,” explains Dr. Cambeiro, a board-certified plastic surgeon. “They say that the procedure can lead to less bruising and quicker recovery time. However, there are others who believe that laser liposuction just adds to the cost of traditional liposuction and increases the risk of side effects (such as burns), but doesn’t improve results. At this point, there is no definitive answer, so surgeons must decide for themselves if they want to offer laser liposuction or whether they should offer other methods instead.”

There are several other liposuction techniques that do not utilize lasers. Two of the most popular types are tumescent liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction. The tumescent technique involves infusing fat with tumescent fluid (saline and local anesthetic), then removing it with a small tube. The ultrasonic technique uses high frequency ultrasound waves to liquefy the fat and make it easier to remove with suction.

“Although I choose not to perform laser-assisted liposuction, I do offer three other liposuction techniques to my patients: the super-wet technique, the tumescent technique, and ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL). But the success of the procedure depends on more than just the technique used; I find that what happens before and after any Las Vegas cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedure is also important. Surgeons and patients need to work together to choose a procedure wisely, prepare for the procedure carefully, and ensure proper healing during recovery,” said Dr. Cambeiro.

According to Dr. Cambeiro, a good surgeon should be able to achieve minimal bruising and a quick recovery time no matter which method of liposuction is used. In his opinion, the surgeon’s skill and experience is a major factor in success. No amount of fancy technology can substitute for proper education and training.

“Personally, I don’t offer cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas to any patient unless the procedure has proven safety, efficacy, and a good cost-benefit ratio. So far, I’m unconvinced that laser liposuction meets that criteria. But, I will definitely keep current on the latest research and studies about liposuction technology.”

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