Cosmetic Surgery Practice in Las Vegas Cautions on ‘Nightmare Surgeries’

People looking to save money in the economic downturn are having procedures performed by practitioners with little to no formal plastic surgery training. Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro advises patients to research doctors carefully.

Las Vegas, Nevada (November 2009) – The letters “MD” don’t always spell “qualified” when it comes to performing plastic surgery. Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro comments on a disconcerting trend where bargain-hungry patients are being swayed by getting a “good deal,” basing their choice of cosmetic surgeon on price instead of qualifications. The current economic downturn has left some patients seeking cheaper alternatives and some doctors searching for innovative income streams.

Do your homework. “Plastic surgery is a very technical, specialized field that requires education, training, and experience,” says Dr. Cambeiro. “When taking a closer look at the botched surgeries in the news these days, you will likely find that the doctor was not properly trained in the procedure. Across the country, gynecologists, family practitioners, ENT’s and other persons with an MD can perform cosmetic surgery. When choosing a surgeon for a cosmetic procedure like breast augmentation in Las Vegas, taking the time to verify a few very important qualifications can significantly increase the likelihood that your body will be in good hands. “

Confirm plastic surgery board certification. The gold standard in qualifications for plastic surgery is certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). “Any physician can take a weekend course on a certain cosmetic procedure and then start performing it,” cautions Dr. Cambeiro, a diplomate of the ABPS. “In sharp contrast, an ABPS-certified surgeon must have undergone extensive training specifically in plastic and reconstructive surgery.” In order to be certified by the ABPS, a surgeon must have:

  • Graduated from a 4-year accredited medical school
  • Completed 5 years of surgical training, 2 of which must be in plastic surgery
  • Practiced for at least 2 years after prerequisite residency training
  • Passed written and oral examinations in plastic surgery

Verify membership in a reputable plastic surgery society. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is a professional society that requires rigorous training and an ongoing commitment to excellence from the surgeons they invite to become members.

Look for a comfortable rapport. “After you have verified a surgeon’s qualifications, it’s important to meet with him or her in person to find out if you feel comfortable,” Dr. Cambeiro concludes. “While discount pricing can be attractive, patients should feel comfortable talking openly and be confident that they have been heard. A reputable doctor performing cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas will make your health and safety a priority, and provide natural-looking results.”

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