All About Latisse

We’ve seen many beauty trends come and go, but long, luscious eyelashes are always in vogue.

False eyelashes and mascara can help you temporarily create the illusion of thickness and length. But what is the best option for having long and thick lashes naturally? Latisse is a medical-grade solution you may have heard about from ads featuring celebrities like Claire Danes, Brooke Shields, and Christina Hendricks.

At SurgiSpa in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Cambeiro offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments designed to help women look beautiful. Below we provide information on why we prescribe Latisse to patients who seek more prominent eyelashes. 

How Latisse Works

Typically, eyelashes take one to two months to reach their full length. Afterward, the lash transitions into a resting phase before eventually falling out. Latisse effectively prolongs the growth phase, so your eyelashes continue growing and shed less frequently. As a result, you have longer and fuller lashes.  

Clinical studies conducted across the United States indicate Latisse showed the following improvements after 16 weeks:

  • 106% increase in lash fullness
  • 25% increase in lash length
  • 18% increase in lash thickness/darkness

The Latisse Process

When you pick up your Latisse kit, the team at SurgiSpa will review the directions with you in detail to ensure you have no questions about the process. The instructions are straightforward, but following them correctly is critical to attaining the best results!

Every night, after removing your makeup, you will apply one drop of the solution on each upper eyelid. Included in each Latisse kit will be 60 applicator brushes intended for single use. 

Do not apply Latisse to your lower lashes. They will grow by administering the product exclusively to the top lash lines. Also, limit your use to one application daily – there’s no benefit to applying more.

How Latisse Is Different

A trip to your local pharmacy will reveal Latisse is not the sole product claiming to improve eyelash volume and length. But how do these over-the-counter options compare?

First, Latisse is the only FDA-approved treatment clinically proven to deliver longer, darker, and fuller lashes. Its efficiency and safety have also undergone extensive studies. Latisse is available exclusively by prescription because patients need to be well-educated on correct application techniques to guarantee the best results.

It is the only product to contain the critical ingredient bimatoprost, which extends the eyelashes’ growth phase. Over-the-counter products have so-called eyelash conditioners, but nothing to make lashes thrive and less likely to fall out. 

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