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How to Get Rid of Your Post-Pregnancy Paunch

You love your children beyond measure, but it’s impossible to deny the changes pregnancy has made to your body. While you may experience these changes in ways such as needing a larger bra cup or shoe size, your most severe postpartum concerns likely include unwanted pounds and loose skin around your abdominal region. No matter… Read More

4 Tummy Tuck Myths

A sleek, firm abdomen is a hallmark of an appealing figure. Unfortunately, many life milestones like pregnancy can wreak havoc on a slim, smooth belly. If you’re worried about stretched skin, stubborn fat, or sagging abdominal tissue, a tummy tuck is an excellent cosmetic procedure to return your midsection to a youthful contour. Unfortunately, misinformation… Read More

What Is the Best Abdominal Procedure for Your Goals?

That lean, sexy abdomen you had in your youth might be eluding you now that your family is complete and you’ve dropped the baby weight. However, despite a healthy diet and rigorous exercise program, do you still find yourself frustrated with that middle section that continues to show a belly pooch, loose skin, and an… Read More

Should You Add Liposuction to Your Tummy Tuck?

Despite following a healthy diet and rigorous exercise routine, you may find that you still have a stubborn layer of fat around your middle. So, you decide to meet with Mayo Clinic-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro to discuss your body contouring goals. Body Contouring Goals On its own, a tummy tuck removes excess… Read More

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