Dos and Don’ts After Breast Augmentation

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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is a process to re-firm the shape of the breast and make it bigger. Some women choose to have breast augmentation for cosmetic purposes. For other women, undergoing breast augmentation replaces the removal of cancerous breasts or repairs a deformity. Whatever the reason is for getting breast augmentation, it is necessary to follow the dos and don’ts for post-surgery recovery.

What Should You Do After Your Breast Augmentation?

Do Get Plenty of Rest

Breast Augmentation is major surgery and requires you to rest for specific times mentioned by your surgeon. The swelling of your breast after your surgery causes pressure on your chest. This swelling can build up, especially on days 3 to 5, causing you to feel more chest pressure. Take your pain meds exactly as your doctor ordered to reduce the pain and swelling.

Depending on the type of job you do, surgeons recommend you to rest for 3 days to 1 week after surgery before going back to work for the surgical incisions to heal. As your breasts adapt to the implants, most swellings will reduce 3 weeks after surgery. To improve your recovery period, get plenty of rest during the first 2-weeks.

Do Immediately Contact Your Surgeon

Breast implants can sometimes cause complications such as leakage or rupture of the saline or gel implant, bleeding, infections, to mention a few. Your surgeon must have advised you to re-visit the clinic if you notice symptoms associated with these complications. Do contact your surgeon immediately if you experience pain and pressure, fever, ruptured stitches, and pus around the incision area. 

Check Your Sleeping Position

When recovering from your breast surgery, avoid sleeping on your sides or flat on your back. These positions increase the chest pressure and can change the desired results. If you cannot avoid sleep on your side, place pillows under the side of your breast to raise them. The advisable position is to sleep in a reclined position on your back. Choose from a great selection of mattresses that contour to your body when reclining on your back.

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What Should You Not Do After Your Breast Augmentation?

Don’t Wear Underwire Bras When Healing.

During recovery, your surgeon will provide you with a surgical bra that you need to wear 24 hours a day after surgery. This bra supports your breasts and helps improve the position of your breast implant. How long should you wear this bra? At a minimum, two weeks after surgery and your surgeon clears you to wear other bras.

After two weeks, wear bras that do not have underwire support. Wear these bras night and day for approximately three months after your surgery.

Avoid Heavy lifting and Strenuous Exercises.

Exercising or lifting heavy weights soon after your recovery can delay the healing process. Strenuous activities can cause post-surgery complications that might lead to more pain and or rupture of the implant. Doctors recommend avoiding heavy exercises for at least 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. Consult your doctor before engaging in heavy physical activities such as running or any upper body exercises. During this recovery period, some light exercises can help you get back to your usual day-to-day life. 

Don’t Swim in a Pool 

During your recovery period, it is best to avoid swimming in a pool or any body of water. When swimming, moisture or bacteria in the water can seep into the unhealed incisions. You can, however, take a shower following the directions given by your surgeon.

Don’t Smoke or Use Tobacco Products

The chemicals in tobacco products such as Nicotine and others slow down the process of your body’s natural healing. Doctors recommend their patients avoid using any tobacco products two months before and one month after the surgery.

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