Finding the Best Time for Your Mommy Makeover

Celebrity gossip magazines make it seem like any woman can get her youthful body back soon after childbirth, but your reality may be very different from those glossy expectations. Life with a newborn can be incredibly challenging for the entire family. As a new mother, you must always put your baby’s needs first.

Until you successfully establish a sleep schedule, you’ll be navigating many days in a sleep-deprived fog. If you have other children, they’ll still need attention, too, on top of various postpartum stressors you may encounter. Struggling with the physical toll of pregnancy and childbirth is another difficulty you must face after bringing a new child into the world.

If you are considering a mommy makeover but have had trouble determining the best time for surgery, we hope this article provides enough information about when to restore your pre-pregnancy figure. 

You Still Have Problem Areas, Despite a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’ve been eating right and exercising but still can’t lose that stubborn baby weight in problem areas, now may be a good time for your mommy makeover. Whether it’s liposuction on your lower abdomen or thighs, a tummy tuck, or breast surgery, you’ll realize the best results with a mommy makeover if you’re at or near your target weight.

You’ve Completed Your Family

Another essential factor to consider before undergoing your mommy makeover is if you’ve finished having children. Getting a mommy makeover won’t limit your ability to get pregnant or deliver a healthy child, but may reverse many of the benefits of this operation. Therefore, Dr. Arthur Cambiero advises new moms to wait until they’ve completed their family before considering aesthetic improvements.

You Have the Support Necessary to Recover

As a mother, successfully healing after your mommy makeover is essential. Depending on which combination of procedures you choose, you’ll need to limit your activities for up to six weeks, including lifting anything that weighs more than 10 pounds. Having a supportive spouse or family members who can help you around the house will be critical for your health and overall well-being while you rest and focus on making a full recovery.

You Have Carefully Considered Your Timing

Many women prefer to have mommy makeovers in the fall and winter for a more tolerable recovery. You’ll likely have a less crowded social schedule when the weather is cooler, allowing you to stay indoors more often. If you go out, you can wear full-coverage clothes like sweaters to conceal any still-healing scars without raising any eyebrows.

In addition, many people have extra time off from work around the holiday season, which can allow you to recover at your preferred pace without feeling pressured to go back to a stressful job too early.

Learn More About Your Las Vegas Mommy Makeover

Finding the right time for a mommy makeover requires careful consideration. Dr. Cambeiro at SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas can help you plan your customized surgery. For more information, call our office at (702) 734-4100 or request a consultation through our website.

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