How Does ThermiBreast Work?

Are you looking to improve breast location and skin tightness without the risk of scarring or the inconvenience of surgical downtime? ThermiBreast is a non-surgical breast lift treatment designed to tighten and raise the breasts without traditional breast enhancement surgery. Mayo Clinic-trained Dr. Arthur Cambeiro offers ThermiBreast in Henderson, NV, to deliver natural-looking breast tightening benefits.

The minimally invasive breast tightening procedure delivers radiofrequency energy deep into the dermis via a specialized probe. The heat from the mechanism stimulates collagen fiber production while tightening underlying tissues. The state-of-the-art technology has temperature monitoring software to ensure procedural efficacy and precision. Results can add two to five centimeters of lift to your breast tissue.

ThermiBreast Treatment

After administering a local anesthetic, Dr. Cambeiro inserts the ThermiBreast probe through a tiny incision under the skin. The device then sends radiofrequency energy deep into the dermis, encouraging collagen production and causing the skin to contract.

ThermiBreast Benefits

ThermiBreast’s primary benefit is that it has minimal recovery and downtime, allowing you to resume your busy schedule within a few days, if not hours. Additional advantages include:

  • Firms up drooping and sagging breast skin
  • Tightens and raises breast tissue two to five centimeters
  • Achieves long-lasting results

How Does ThermiBreast Differ From Other Breast Enhancement Procedures?

ThermiBreast aims to firm and tighten loose breast skin using radiofrequency energy instead of surgical techniques. It is a minimally invasive breast lift option for patients seeking an alternative to the recovery associated with a surgical breast lift. Breast surgery typically requires general anesthesia or IV sedation, while ThermiBreast employs a local anesthetic.

Are You a Candidate for ThermiBreast?

While it can be an excellent breast lifting treatment, ThermiBreast is not ideal for women with significant sagging because it does not remove excess breast skin. Ideal candidates include women who:

  • Have small to medium-sized breasts
  • Are satisfied with their current cup size
  • Have mild to moderate sagging of breasts and nipples
  • Want to reshape and raise their breasts
  • Wish to avoid surgical scars and extended downtime

How Many Sessions are Necessary?

ThermiBreast is a one-time breast skin tightening treatment. It can be repeated as necessary to counter the effects of gravity, genetics, weight fluctuations, and other environmental or lifestyle changes. The session takes approximately 45 minutes, and results are evident three months after treatment.

Results last about two years, and you can have treatments repeated as you notice breast skin begin to relax and loosen.

Why Choose Dr. Cambeiro?

Voted as one of Las Vegas’ Top Plastic Surgeons 15 years running, Dr. Cambeiro helps women look fabulous and feminine. He is a Mayo Clinic-trained, double board-certified plastic surgeon offering his patients a stress-free approach to their cosmetic concerns.

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