Refresh Your Spring Skincare Routine with These Tips!

Spring is here, and summer is approaching. This means you will start to shed layers and reveal more of your skin. When the warm weather arrives, off come to the sweaters and jackets, and on go the sundresses and bikinis to enjoy outdoor fun.

As you adjust your wardrobe, you should think about transitioning your skincare as well. You want to look fresh and radiant and feel confident when poolside, at the beach, or at a dinner party.

Here are some helpful hints you can practice to ensure your skin looks clear and fresh.

Cleanse Daily, Once With Soap, Once Just Rince

Keeping your skin clean is critical. But overdoing it can be as bad as not doing it at all. We recommend using a fragrant-free cleanser in the evening before bed. In the morning, forget the soap and just rinse. Too much soap can irritate the skin, causing it to dry and flake.

Transition from Over-the-Counter Products to Medical-Grade

When you go to the local drug store for your skincare products, frequently, you don’t know what you’re getting. What does the product contain, and are its formulations correct? When choosing medical-grade products, you can be confident the product has been thoroughly researched.

At SurgiSpa, we offer multiple product lines exclusively through our practice. They contain the finest blend of vitamins and ingredients to serve your skincare needs. We offer Obagi Nu-Derm, Obagi-C Rx, and Bometdic/Laroche-Posay. And for additional help, we have available Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup.

Buy New Makeup

Your makeup will go bad and can be harmful to healthy skin. So, if you’ve had your cosmetics for several months, consider throwing them out and replacing them. Old makeup can be harmful by carrying disease-causing microbes that may lead to rashes, infections, and other skin issues. 


Over time, skin becomes damaged with exposure to the elements. It becomes dull with dead skin cells and dry, flakey skin. To eliminate the old skin layer and make way with the new, chemical peels and exfoliating facials are a must. Not only do they rid the face of damaged skin, but a facial can infuse vital nutrients as well.

Thermi Smooth Face and ThermiTight

When your skin loses skin elasticity and natural compounds like elastin and collagen decline, it begins to wrinkle and sag.  SurgiSpa offers groundbreaking skin tightening treatments designed to rejuvenate skin on the face and body without extensive recovery or downtime.

To enhance skin pliability without surgery, Surgispa offers Thermi Smooth Face and Thermi Tight to leave your skin smooth and radiant.

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We offer the full range of skincare treatments and products at our Las Vegas office. These can be used to smooth wrinkles, tighten skin, and deliver the necessary nutrients to your skin. If you’re curious about any of the MedaSpa treatments we offer, please call the office at 702-566-8300 for more information or book your treatment today.

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