How to Enhance Your Breast Augmentation Results

Breast augmentation remains an enduringly popular aesthetic surgery for women. The reason is simple: A woman’s breasts are essential to her confidence and self-esteem. When your breasts look their best, so will your figure.

Mayo Clinic-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro has extensive experience in helping women attain and maintain beautiful breasts. Here are his top suggestions for enhancing your breast augmentation results.

Make Good Use of Your Consultation

When you visit your surgeon for the first time, come prepared. Remember, this is more than a consultation. It’s an interview. You should bring a list of any prescription or over-the-counter medications you take, complete information about your medical history, and a list of questions to ask.

Be sure to ask your doctor about their experience and credentials, what you should expect before, during, and after surgery, and what you should know about recovery and downtime.

Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

It takes an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon with excellent communication skills to help you select the best incision technique and implant type for you. Select a board-certified surgeon with extensive experience with breast surgery. Look at before-and-after pictures of their breast augmentation patients to determine how they tailor the operation to unique body types.

Make sure your surgeon has the correct training, credentials and experience to give you the results you deserve. It might surprise you to learn that there’s no law specifically prohibiting any physician to advertise their services as aesthetic surgeons, even if they completed their training in a different discipline. Only consider plastic and reconstructive surgeons to perform your breast enhancement surgery.

Choose the Right Implants

Breast implants are not one-size-fits-all devices. The best ones for you will depend on several factors like breast shape, width, and size. Breast symmetry and lifestyle are additional considerations. For example, an active woman would be very conscientious about implant size, so they won’t interfere with her exercise, workouts, or hobbies.

Discuss in detail the options available to you during your consultation. Ask about implant placement. Would you rather have your surgeon put your implants behind the chest muscles, or in front? Your surgeon may offer you a way to visualize the change, like 3D imaging.

Your goal is to get the right implant — not too small or too big. You don’t want to return in a year or two inquiring about a breast revision because you made the wrong choices.

Consider Combining with a Breast Lift

If your breasts sag, implants alone are unlikely to correct the problem. Combining a breast lift with implants may give you the best results. If droopy breasts concern you, ask what your surgeon recommends.

Take Care of Yourself During Recovery

You will play an essential role in a successful operation by carefully following your surgeon’s after-surgery instructions.

Your surgeon will give you precise instructions after your surgery. These will include activities to avoid in the first few days (like reaching and lifting), how to keep your incisions clean, and what to expect your implants to feel like in the first few days after surgery.

You’ll probably need to wear a compression bra to minimize bruising and swelling. Also, sleeping on your back is critical. Rest and eating right will go a long way to promote healing to ensure optimal results. To begin your breast augmentation journey, contact Dr. Cambiero to schedule a consultation today.

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