Cosmetic Breast Surgery After 40

What is the right age for breast surgery? Is 40 too young or too old? The answer depends on your lifestyle and cosmetic goals.

Women in their 40s want to preserve their appearance and restore their confidence. Having breast surgery is an excellent way to reshape a youthful figure after the effects of aging, pregnancy, or weight loss.

Breast surgery is one of the more popular aesthetic procedures among women in their 40s – not only because it can boost self-esteem, but also because it helps with other health concerns like shoulder and neck pain.

At SurgiSpa in Henderson and Las Vegas, board-certified and Mayo Clinic-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro helps women meet their cosmetic goals by offering these breast surgery options.

Breast Augmentation

When size, shape, or volume is a problem, tens of thousands of women look to implants. Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic option, especially for women in their 40s whose childbearing years are over. There are several options, including implant type, implant location, and incision technique.

Breast Lift

When breast location is a problem, a breast lift can help. Most women in their 40s can use a breast lift to help with breasts that sag or appear flat. A breast lift will help elevate the breasts to youthful curves, with perky, alert nipples.

Breast Lift With Implants

Youthful breast elevation and shape are vital to women who want to look their best. But gravity and age can have an adverse effect. A breast lift with implants will elevate the breasts that have undergone changes and boost shape and firmness. Combining these two operations will save time, recovery, and expense while restoring overall shape and size to balance and youthfulness.

Breast Reduction

Oversized breasts can become uncomfortable. When the upper body is too heavy, it causes poor posture and discomfort. Breast reduction surgery is a godsend for large-breasted women looking to improve their quality of life. It creates a lighter frame, delivers a more natural shape, and makes it easier to find clothes that fit.

Breast Reconstruction

Undergoing a mastectomy or biopsy often leaves women with cosmetic changes that make them self-conscious. While most are proud of overcoming their health issues, they also want to restore their appearance with natural-looking breasts. Breast reconstruction allows women to achieve their pre-surgery breast presence by reconstructing the breast structure and appearance.

Why Choose Dr. Cambeiro?

Voted as one of Las Vegas’ Top Plastic Surgeons 15 years running, Dr. Cambeiro helps women look fabulous and feminine. He is a double board-certified, Mayo Clinic-trained plastic surgeon who offers his patients a caring approach to their cosmetic concerns.

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