Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation and Lift

If you are considering breast surgery to add volume and lift to your bustline, a breast lift with implants is an excellent option to restore fullness and correct droopiness that often occurs after having children, experiencing weight fluctuations, or during the natural aging process. However, there are common misconceptions about the operation. Understanding them is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome after surgery and recovery.

Mayo-clinic trained plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro believes every woman considering breast enhancement should have the correct information to make an informed decision. Today, let’s tackle these myths about breast augmentations and lifts.

Misconception 1: It Will Be Obvious I Had a Boob Job

Breast implant technology has advanced considerably throughout the years. As a result, today’s breast implants look and feel like natural breast tissue. If you want to subtly increase breast size, Dr. Cambeiro can help you select implants that best suit your cosmetic goals. Then again, if you would like a complete breast transformation, he can make that happen, too.

Misconception 2: Implants Address Breast Sagging

While it is true that some implants can correct slight sagging for some women, this is not always the case. If your nipples sit at or below your breast creases, implants alone will not correct the sagging. You will likely need to add a breast lift with your augmentation to reshape your breast tissue to a higher position on your chest. This combination will eliminate excess tissue and tighten the chest wall.

Misconception 3: I Can Avoid Visible Scarring With the Periareolar Incision Technique

Since your body and breasts are unique, Dr. Cambiero will tailor your incision technique for the best outcome. While incisions made within the nipple/areola complex produce minimal scarring, your breasts could necessitate another incision method. For example, if your breasts sag, you will need additional incisions for proper elevation. And while your scars will eventually fade, they might last for some time.

If you are concerned about surgical scarring on your breasts, please discuss this with Dr. Cambeiro during your consultation.

Misconception 4: I Should Replace My Implants After 10 Years

Today’s implants are durable and designed to be long-lasting. Dr. Cambeiro has breast augmentation patients whose implants have looked fabulous for over a decade. You should only find it necessary to replace your implants if you’re ready for a change or a complication has arisen.

Misconception 5: Breast Surgery Patients Can’t Exercise

While it is true you will need time off from exercising after your breast surgery, you can return to your exercise regimen in time. If you are a fitness enthusiast, Dr. Cambeiro can create a treatment plan designed around your active lifestyle.

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