New Breast Augmentation Method Minimizes Scars, Speeds Healing

Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, who specializes in plastic surgery in Las Vegas, now offers a cutting-edge breast augmentation technique called the “Endo Aug.” Advantages include faster healing, hidden scars and a reduced risk of post-surgical complications.

Henderson, Nevada (January 2012) – Double board-certified surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, a specialist in plastic surgery in the Las Vegas area, wants his patients to have a short, smooth recovery and minimal scarring. He is achieving that goal with his new endoscopic breast augmentation method called the “Endo Aug,” which uses a tiny camera to help with the procedure.

“I make a point of keeping pace with the latest techniques and technology in my field,” Dr. Cambeiro says. “Consequently, when I studied endoscopic surgery, I recognized the role it could play in giving women a shorter recovery period and a reduced risk of complications after breast augmentation. Las Vegas is a city where appearance is important, so the fact that endoscopic breast augmentation results in hidden scars is also valuable.”

Endoscopic breast augmentation uses a tiny lighted camera called an endoscope. Dr. Cambeiro first makes a small incision under the armpit, where the scar won’t be noticed. Through this incision, he inserts the endoscope to guide him as he performs the breast augmentation.

“The key to this procedure is the armpit’s natural crease, because it is ideal for hiding scars,” Dr. Cambeiro says. “Because the incision is so minute, I gently ease the endoscope and surgical instruments into the breast pocket to position the breast implants. My Las Vegas patients benefit from a reduction in post-surgical complications and a comfortable, faster recovery.”

The endoscopic camera allows Dr. Cambeiro to see the area through mirrored images. This helps him view the precise edges of the breast implant pocket, thereby streamlining the procedure.

When Dr. Cambeiro describes the Endo Aug to his patients, they are impressed with its advantages.

“A faster recovery combined with a reduced risk of complications is a win-win,” he says. “And when I explain how the scars are not visible after they heal, patients usually have just one question: ‘When can I schedule my procedure?’

“I look forward to finding other ways to use this innovative technology to provide more patients with these advantages.”

If you are considering breast augmentation, Dr. Cambeiro invites you to request a consultation or give his office a call at (702) 734-4100 for confidential and informative answers to all your questions.

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